XRP, Bitcoin and other coins to be made available for purchase via credit cards on Bitrue

Bitrue exchange announced recently that an upcoming feature would allow users of the exchange to purchase cryptocurrencies directly via credit cards. The statement also mentioned the addition of XRP pairs to the exchange.

Bitrue tweeted:

“[Exciting News]: Credit Card Purchase will soon been brought live
@BitrueOfficial !! By May 15, you will be able to seamlessly purchase your $XRP and $BTC $ETH $BCH $LTC and trade it for other coin/tokens instantly! ?47? $XRP pairs are live BTW!”

Although the tweet did not mention any details about the new feature, the exchange announced that the feature would be live from May 15, 2019.

Bitrue is not the first exchange to integrate credit card as an on-ramp to purchase cryptocurrencies. Binance announced the feature quite a while ago and implemented the use of credit cards to purchase cryptocurrencies. This feature was added on Binance due to the request of a user.

In addition, Bitrue also announced that 47 XRP pairs were live on the exchange; moreover, the exchange also had plans to organize an XRP meetup in Amsterdam on May 25. According to a blog, the CEO of the exchange, Curis Wang, said that he “will also share his vision and plan for Bitrue while making some big announcements!”.

Similar to Binance, Bitrue has been quite connected with its users and the crypto-community. Bitrue recently educated the community on a “vulnerability bug” on the XRP Ledger, which was exploited by the users, leading to the loss of XRP from certain exchanges.

A Twitter user @Vkumzy, commented:

“All you guys have to do now is launch your own Card with the ability for us to purchase stuff using our digital asserts and of course fiat deposits and withdrawals”

Another Twitter user @CryptoCelt, added:

“Well done to the Team behind the scenes and your self. Lots of hard work would have needed to be carried with regards to this. Testing Testing Testing the fundamentals of good IT.”

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