Major XRP Wallet Xumm Adds New On-Ramp Available in Over 150 Countries

Major XRP wallet Xumm has recently taken a significant step forward by unveiling expanded access to Apple Pay and Google Pay, made possible through its latest addition of the payments on-ramp protocol Topper by Uphold.

The integration is a significant development for the XRP community and offers them a more “seamless crypto experience.” Topper by Uphold is an on-rmap that offers access to the native token of the XRP Ledger, XRP, for Xumm wallet users in over 150 countries.

The integration with Topper makes it easier for users to buy cryptocurrencies with their debit or credit cards and brings them directly onto the Xumm ecosystem. Per a blog post announcing the integration Topper “is designed to support a diverse array of currencies, catering to millions of users.”

According to the announcement, Topper caters to “jurisdictions typically under-served by other providers – including most states in the United States and Canada.”

As CryptoGlobe reported, Xumm has ecently seen a significant surge in the number of users behind it ahead of an upcoming token airdrop that will reward XRP token holders. The airdrop, is coming from layer-2 smart contract platform Evernode.

According to available data, Xumm had 17,330 unique active users on November 26, with the figure rising to 18,000 on November 27. However, in anticipation of the Evernode airdrop, user engagement experienced a remarkable boost. Within less than a day, active users shot up to 25,377, marking a 45% increase from the previous count.

The rise in active users and registrations comes despite recent security concerns among the XRP community, with some users showing skepticism about the necessity of linking wallets to Xumm. In response, Evernode addressed these issues, explaining the complexities involved in distributing tokens on one blockchain based on holdings from another, particularly while ensuring user anonymity.

XRP whales have recently sparked a market frenzy after the price of the cryptocurrency moved up significantly so far this year. According to data from whale monitoring service WhaleAlert, numerous XRP whales have been making large transactions on the cryptocurrency’s network, with these including a 25.5 million XRP transfer to cryptocurrency trading platform Bitstamp, and 85 million XRP being moved between two wallets whose owners haven’t been identified.

On top of that, Whale Alert recently flagged one transaction on 90 million XRP, worth over $55 million, going from Ripple – a major player in the XRP space – to an unknown wallet.

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