BNB Chain First GameFi2.0 Application BirdWorld Announces Completion of IDO

BirdWorld completed its second round of IDO on May 12, raising $2.52 million, for a total IDO fundraising of $4,762,500.

BirdWorld is the first GameFi2.0 blockchain game application on BNB Chain (BSC or Binance Smart Chain), led by SoftBank Capital Group, Singapore Digital Foundation, LAToken, a global digital asset exchange, and Weimi Foundation. In addition, BirdWorld has established a deep partnership with BitKeep wallet. BirdWorld will lead the GameFi2.0 trend and is committed to continuously promoting the development of Web3.0 with blockchain technology, and accelerating the large-scale application of NFT and blockchain technology through games.

BirdWorld will soon launch BirdWorldDAO, allowing users to participate in voting, governance, and continuously improve the BirdWorld game experience. BirdWorld integrates blockchain, DeFi, GameFi, Metaverse, DAO and other technologies and concepts to create a decentralized AVG game. Users can not only enjoy a wonderful and rich game experience, but also earn income through game skills.

BirdWorld is expected to enter the internal testing phase in June.

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