TradeFred Integrating Leverate’s Trading Platform and Marketing Solution

TradeFred has teamed up with brokerage technology provider Leverate, expanding its marketing and automation capabilities. In doing so, TradeFred is looking to continue to grow its forex operations amidst an increasingly shifting regulatory environment.

TradeFred is an FX and contracts-for-difference (CFD) trading company licensed by both CySEC and ASIC. Moreover, the group is backed by Betfred, which is currently one of world’s largest independent recreational gaming companies.

The past few years has seen Betfred look to focus more extensively on FX, as indicated by a more active role from owner Fred Done, who now serves as a Director of TradeFred. Per the partnership, TradeFred will integrate Leverate’s trading platform, including its marketing automation and business intelligence tool, Optim8. Additionally, the accord will aim to deliver enhanced conversion and retention figures for TradeFred.

Maya Kenner-Fitoussi, Head of Professional Services at Leverate, commented: “Optim8’s unique quality is the ability to deliver the right message at the right time in the right channel, thus increasing deposits and LTV, and improving company’s ROI substantially. The Optim8 solution provides complete customer customization according to TradeFred’s needs.”

The integration of Optim8 fills an important need for TradeFred, as it helps shore up its comprehensive reporting and analysis capabilities across all aspects of brokerage operations. This stance was reiterated by Chen Ben Nun, Leverate’s Head of Sales and Business Development, who noted exclusively to Finance Magnates: “The combined implementation of Activ8 and Optim8 will enable TradeFred to grow its operation in Forex in the same successful manner in which Betfred has been able to grow its gaming operations.”

“As a company that is dedicated to provide a service our clients can trust, it was essential for us to implement a smart marketing system that could be relied upon and tailored to suit their needs. In addition, our commitment to innovation means we want to position ourselves at the forefront of technological advancements,” explained TradeFred’s founder, Alex Mishiev.

“By deploying the Optim8 and Activ8 suite, we can not only cement our place as fast-adopters of the latest developments, but also deliver on our promise to create a client-centric environment for our traders,” he added.

Indeed, a shifting regulatory environment also proved to be an impetus for the partnership between TradeFred and Leverate. With 2018 already seeing a big shakeup to the FX and CFD space, the premium for new solutions has never been more essential.

“With constantly-evolving regulatory requirements forcing the industry to become more equal, it was essential to devise a solution that set us apart. The decision to partner with Leverate, a company that has built a reputation as a pioneer leading the charge towards technical innovation, was therefore an easy one. TheOptim8 and Activ8 suite represents a solution that is able to address the entire client life time cycle. It’s holistic in its approach and should therefore achieve the results that we’re seeking,” Mr. Mishiev noted.

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