CoinGeek New York Day 3 shines spotlight on tokenization, supply chain and more—watch it live

The third day of CoinGeek New York promises to be just as informative, captivating and entertaining. Day 3 will see Dr. Craig Wright take to the stage once again, this time to deliver a keynote speech titled “Set in Stone: What is a commodity” He’ll be following up on his Day 1 speech on time being a personal experience.

Dr. Wright will then take to the stage later on, this time as a member of a panel that will discuss whether real value can come from real utility. Moderated by Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen, the panel will see Dr. Wright go head-to-head with George Gilder, a famed economist and author who played a big part in the rise of supply-side economics.

Day 3 will also see several other speakers talk about tokenization, supply chain management on the blockchain, financial inclusion, digital asset trading and blockchain law.

Tokenization, in particular, will be given special focus, with The Bayesian Group’s Roy Bernhard kicking the day off in the first session to talk about Fabriik. Aequantium LLC founder Geoffrey Hammond will talk about tokenizing equity and debt instruments, while Tokenized’s James Belding and TrustChains’ Karen Wendell will delve into tokenized assets and stablecoins on BSV.

Digital asset trading is another hot topic that will be discussed in the conference, with BlockQuake CEO Antonio Brasse and Signature Bank’s David D’Amico addressing the future of the sector in the financial services industry. Stephen Stonberg, the CEO of one of the world’s largest exchanges in Bittrex, will also take to the stage to talk about digital currency as a tool for financial inclusion.

At a time when authorities have become stringent on the sector, Nguyen will moderate a panel on investigating criminal activity on the blockchain. IRS special agent Richard Reinhardt, BlockTrace CEO Shaun MaGruder and Merkle Science co-founder Mriganka Pattnaik will offer their insight.

Day 3 will also see the winner of the 4th Bitcoin SV Hackathon finally crowned and walking away with the lion’s share of the $100,000 prize pool.

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