Why did Tron [TRX] choose to free its community from Ethereum [ETH]?

Tron is the most mentioned cryptocurrency on Twitter and YouTube. The founder’s personal Twitter account alone has 484K followers and Tron foundation has 300K with 50 million monthly impressions. Focussing on YouTube, there are more than 3.2 million Tron related videos with a count of 500 videos uploaded every day.

Tron is head over the fact that they recently launched a new platform on Reddit with 70K users. He also mentioned in his talk that they will continue to work on Facebook and Instagram too in order to make Tron the hot topic and the most popular cryptocurrency in the world.

At the same time, while developing Ethereum, the shortcomings were very clear. Ethereum always had network issues and was incapable of supporting the newest generation of decentralized applications [dApps]. They couldn’t find a way to deal with governance issues either because they have a centralized system controlled by the government and the developer’s team.

Ethereum users cannot leverage their tokens, either to vote or have a voice within the community. Ethereum’s archaic gas mechanism and high gas fees leave the developers out in the cold. Every user can initiate 25 transfers a day for free.

Trading a new account requires only 0.1 TRX and the transfers need only a small amount [0.001] of TRX. If any user locks/freezes a set amount of TRX in your account, the entire amount is free. Developers can also help users show their account’s locking part.

Justin Sun explained during the Main Net:

“We must detach from Ethereum and become an independent protocol and must support real-term dApps with solid infrastructure. This is the only way to help the industry with large scale public growth.”

He continued:

“We must be independent and achieve an equal democratic system. Independence from Ethereum is our answer to the calling of the blockchain era. The time has come we are ready.”


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