MicroStrategy CEO: No One Has Ever Lost Money Investing in Bitcoin for Four Years

Key takeaways:

  • Michael Saylor has pointed out that anyone who has held onto Bitcoin for four years has never lost money.
  • Mr. Saylor also explained that MicroStrategy had backtested its Bitcoin strategy against alternatives such as gold and the Nasdaq, and it performed 10x better.
  • He also agreed that now could be the best time to buy Bitcoin if your time horizon is ten years.

MicroStrategy’s CEO, Michael Saylor, has pointed out that anyone who has held Bitcoin for four years has never lost money.

Mr. Saylor shared his Bitcoin insights during an interview on CNBC’s Squawk Street, where he also pointed out that a good indicator of Bitcoin’s value is its four-year simple moving average around the $21.6k price level.

He said:

Yeah, I think if you think about Bitcoin if your time horizon is one month, it looks like a volatile risk asset. But if your time horizon is 10 years, it looks like a risk-off store of value asset.

So the crossover point is four years. Nobody’s ever lost money investing in Bitcoin for four years and if you want to surrogate for the book value of the Bitcoin network. It would be the four-year simple moving average. The simple moving average of Bitcoin over four years is about $21,685.

MicroStrategy Has Backtested its Bitcoin Strategy.

With respect to the ongoing concern that MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin is underwater with an average entry of $30,700, Mr. Saylor explained that the company had backtested its BTC strategy against every other alternative beginning August 10th, 2020. This includes gold and the Nasdaq.

According to Mr. Saylor, Bitcoin has performed better than anything else by a factor of ten. He stated that gold is down ten percent, the Nasdaq is flat, and Bitcoin has been up 86% since August 2020.

Now Could be the Best Time to Buy Bitcoin.

Furthermore, when asked whether now was a good time to buy Bitcoin, Mr. Saylor said that current prices could provide a good entry point. He explained:

Absolutely. Bitcoin’s backed by the most powerful secure computer network in the world. If I gave you a hundred billion dollars, you can’t reproduce it, and it’s beyond a nation-state attack or corporate attack.

So once you understand that and the fact that it’s a singularity there’s nothing like it in the world…then yeah. This is in fact an ideal entry point to get into this thing all right.

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