$XRP: Top Tier Exchange Adds Support for XRPL-Based NFTs to Its Marketplace

CrossTower, which according to CryptoCompare is one of the highest ranked crypto exchanges in the world, is partnering with Ripple to add support for the trading of NFTs minted on the “ultra-fast, low-cost and carbon-neutral blockchain” XRP Ledger (XRPL) on its NFT marketplace.

CrossTower was founded in 2019 by Kapil Rathi (CEO) and Kristin Boggiano (President). In the most recent “CryptoCompare Exchange Benchmark” report, CrossTower got an “A” grade, making it the 7th highest ranked exchange in the list of 147 crypto exchanges looked at by CryptoCompare Research.

CrossTower is “a Web 3.0, crypto and NFT marketplace offering a variety of financial and NFT products in the U.S., India, Bermuda and globally.”  It “leverages its vast experience in trading, technology, operational infrastructure, innovative pricing, regulations, and compliance to make cryptocurrency and digital assets accessible to retail and sophisticated institutional market participants.”

According to the firm’s press release, which was issued yesterday, CrossTower’s NFT marketplace “enables developers to quickly onboard NFT projects by giving them access to out-of-the-box infrastructure including wallets, payments, liquidity support, and more, accelerating time-to-market for projects that previously took months to onboard,” and it is “built for developers and creators seeking a holistic service to take their projects from idea to fruition.”

The press release went on to add:

“For fans, the marketplace delivers an engaging user experience, connecting them with creators and brands. Fans will benefit from an optimized digital purchase experience with the ability to transact NFTs via credit card and receive the assets through integrated wallets on the XRP Ledger.”

CrossTower CEO Kapil Rathi had this to say:

We are thrilled to partner with Ripple and build our Web3.0 platform on the XRPL. Ripple’s commitment to building a developer network in India is particularly exciting for CrossTower as we are committed to developing India’s blockchain talent. We look forward to the growth of our global NFT platform.

The press release also mentioned that “CrossTower has already attracted projects like Antara and David Bowie World on its marketplace and has a pipeline of inaugural projects on the XRPL that will engage a global audience to be announced in the upcoming weeks.”

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