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PRESS RELEASE. dappOS, project currently enrolled in Binance Labs Season 5, is positioned to virtualize the public chain and help users manage the operating protocols of numerous dApps. Through SDK, virtual wallet, and dApps, integration platform, dappOS not only enables one-click multi-chain deployment for developers, but also helps users easily access any dApps. The protocol was built with the idea of creating a channel between users and cryptographic infrastructure (public chains and cross-chain bridges, etc.).

Overall, dappOS is a combination of Web 2.0’s APP Store and operating system. It integrates many dApps and has its own wallet function, cross-chain function, payment function, etc. dApps deployed on one chain can acquire users from other public chains with significantly less costs, and for dApps deployed on multiple chains, they can easily copy their advantages from chain A to chain B. It also provides users with faster and simpler operations, increasing the range of options and experiences, for example, ETH users can experience dApps from other chains with lower gas fees.

The main functions of dappOS

The technical solution of dappOS V1 includes dappOS Account based on Account Abstraction (AA) and dappOS Network.

dappOS Account is a contract wallet based on Account Abstraction. It can realize Gas payment and provide the basis for automating the execution of complex workflows that can be combined. It also has a login method that is more in line with Web2 users’ habits without the need for mnemonic phrase.

Supported permission management methods will include
— Third-party wallets (e.g. MetaMask)
— Device to device resets
— Email login via ZK and DKIM
— Traditional mnemonic methods

There is no centralized hosting involved in dappOS Account.

The dappOS Network is used to solve the problem of automated execution of operations, through the services provided by the network, users can easily manage the account abstractions distributed across different chains, and can confirm public chain interactions of any complexity by providing a signature. V1 already supports the automation of complex workflows consisting of tasks like cross-chain execution of funds and contract interactions.

The consensus mechanism of dappOS is implemented through nodes, which consists of 2 types
Super nodes: responsible for delegating orders to server nodes, rewards and punishments.
Service nodes: responsible for receiving orders from the super nodes and executing them.

When a user submits a request or task, the super node will assign it and the server node will give the result back to the user after completion. If the service node does not execute as expected, the super node will use the funds staked by the service node to compensate the user after reaching an agreement.

To improve speed and optimize rates, dappOS Network allows various types of third-party service nodes to join the network to compete. Meanwhile, security is ensured by over-collateralization of service nodes, and the process is executed first before consensus is reached to judge whether the execution is successful so that user’s waiting time can be shortened.

Super nodes use DPOS consensus mechanism, and the number will be stabilized at 20 when the main network is online. Super nodes require staking platform coins, and for each transaction, the service node will distribute the fee revenue to the super node in the form of platform coins.

dappOS solutions

To B: For dApps developers and dappOS JS SDK of teams

No need to re-deploy the contract to attract traffic, integration of SDK in the front-end will make it as convenient for A-chain users to use B-chain dApps. For example, dApps deployed on non-Ethereum chain can easily attract users from ETH after integration, eliminating the need to guide users across chains, purchase Gas, and set up wallets. At the same time, it helps dApps deployed on multiple chains erase the boundaries of users between each chain and replicate their advantages in chain A to chain B.

To C: Applet platform

dappOS will launch a program platform for mobile-end, based on which dApps users can have an experience similar to Web2’s. Compared with the traditional wallet + browser model, dappOS’s platforms have the advantages as followings:

Account aspect

– Removal of mnemonic phrase

– Unified accounts

To better understand the role dappOS plays, let’s compare the differences before and after clients use it.

dappOS simplifies numerous operation steps into a few steps and saves time for users. Official announcements said that the current trial version only supports limited types of coins and public chains, and will be add more later.

Currently, several top dApps, including Benqi, GMX, Kyberswap, Perpetual, QuickSwap have been testing their products on dappOS. We are cooperating with 50+ communities, and managing to achieve million-dollar transaction volume and TVL on a day-to-day basis.

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