Top 5 Reasons Crypto Traders Need To Try PrimeXBT

Trading platforms are a dime-a-dozen in 2022. Competition breeds excellence, and each top-tier trading platform attempts to outdo its closest competitors by launching and releasing new products and services that are ultimately copied by others.

PrimeXBT is among those leaders who innovate first, then others copy. Here are the top 5 reasons crypto traders need to try PrimeXBT, even if they have already tried a comparable competitor in the past.

Leveraged Long And Shorts Positions

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, speculative, and intense. As the asset class has matured and become a more significant part of the macro landscape, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum now face the impact of regulation, historical inflation, and a possible recession on the way.

However, knowing the potential profits crypto assets can create and how disruptive the emerging financial technology will ultimately be, there is still plenty of reward in store for all of the related risks. With PrimeXBT, you can stay exposed to the reward yet manage against the risk.

PrimeXBT is a margin trading platform offering leveraged long and short positions on cryptocurrencies and traditional assets. Long and short positions ensure total flexibility over any direction the market turns, while leverage lets traders maximize profits and condense risk. With less capital on the line, there is a lower risk of suffering a max drawdown. Stop-loss protection orders further keep loss to a minimum.

A Platform That Never Misses A Beat

What good are long and short positions if the orders don’t trigger or suffer from slippage? With PrimeXBT, the ultra-reliable and lightning-fast trading engine completes all orders with extreme efficiency and accuracy.

PrimeXBT boasts more than 99.9% uptime, even during the most volatile moments in today’s fast-paced markets. Cryptocurrencies and other derivatives trade around the clock, meaning that the market never sleeps, and neither does PrimeXBT.

Traders can also stay on top of their positions or access customer service 24/7 from anywhere in the world through the PrimeXBT mobile app for Android and iOS smartphones. Users can do everything from making a deposit or withdrawal, trade, check a watchlist, and more.

100+ Trading Instruments 

Another way crypto traders can benefit from PrimeXBT is through exposure to traditional assets. PrimeXBT provides access to more than 100 different trading instruments across crypto, commodities, stock indices, and forex currencies. The most popular markets are included, such as oil, gold, Bitcoin, the S&P 500, and more.

PrimeXBT still packs in dozens of cryptocurrencies with a wide range of altcoins from trending categories like Metaverse, GameFi, DeFi, and others. Long and short positions on these highly volatile and speculative assets can be extremely profitable but don’t come without risk.

The risk associated with cryptocurrencies can be further reduced by building a portfolio of anticorrelated or uncorrelated assets. Gold, for example, can reduce overall volatility in a crypto-forward portfolio, while hedging in some forex currencies could also have softened the blow to one’s capital levels.

PrimeXBT Raises The Bar

PrimeXBT persistently raises the bar not only for the industry itself by releasing innovative tools and features but raises the bar for the traders on its own platform. While investors and traders invest time and energy into PrimeXBT, PrimeXBT invests right back in its users by providing them with educational opportunities and an area to practice.

The PrimeXBT Trading Academy is designed from the ground up to train traders to be the most successful they can be. The educational website is led by expert trader Dirk Hartig, who offers more than 20 years worth of experience through his videos and teachings. Use the materials to learn to trade, navigate markets, or simply how to use the platform.

With the new skills in hand and in mind, traders can head over to the PrimeXBT Contests section, which offers a chance to participate in weekly trading competitions and win prizes. Traders use risk-free virtual funds to compete in these competitions or can use the simulated market environment to practice trading without the fear of capital loss.

Covesting Copy Trading And Yield Accounts

For traders that still need more assistance or are looking for a way to diversify their income streams, Covesting provides several solutions exclusively on PrimeXBT. Starting with Covesting Yield Accounts, users can stake idle crypto assets and earn a variable APY return in crypto rewards, all in just a few clicks.

The Covesting copy trading module is also a modern-day solution for traders who don’t have the time to spend on extensive technical analysis or managing positions day in and day out. Covesting copy trading is a community of strategy managers and followers that revolve around a global leaderboard system. Transparent data related to strategy manager performance is available for followers to see.

Followers can follow a number of experienced strategy managers who are ranked in the leaderboards by ROI and automatically copy their trades. Followers earn a profit from any successful trades, while strategy managers also make a cut for a synergistic system that benefits all involved. With skin in the game and transparent rankings, strategy managers must work hard to maintain a solid rank to keep followers interested.

Summary: Try PrimeXBT Margin Trading Today

PrimeXBT packs a technical knockout punch worth of products and services under one roof. This one-stop-shop has everything traders need to survive the crypto winter and any coming recession while still having access to the tools to take advantage of any bull rallies in between.

PrimeXBT is a trustworthy, reliable, and respected margin trading platform with elite-level trading tools and the broadest range of trading instruments around. Registration is free, easy, and requires no minimum deposit to access any of the features mentioned above.

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