Swiss Luxury Watchmaker Tag Heuer Announces NFT Feature for Its Smartwatch

Tag Heuer‘s Android-powered Connected Calibre E4 smartwatch now allows you to use your watch to “display your highly collectible virtual artworks on your wrist with verified proof of ownership.”

The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 smartwatch was announced at an event in Paris on February 11:

According to a report by WWD that was published on Yahoo, owners of this $2,000 smartwatch “will now be able to showcase their digital collection using the dedicated viewer in its new Lens watch face.”

According to Tag Heur’s website, Here is what owners of the watch need to do to see their NFTs:

Tag Heuer chief executive officer Frédéric Arnault told WWD that the NFT watch display provided a significant advantage over the “static images” of device backgrounds and smartphone digital wallets. He noted the significant value of digital artwork and the desire by consumers to be able to share their collections with others. 

He explained: 

That’s not really your NFT, it’s an image of it…you want to be able to showcase it on something as unique and special as it is.

Customers will also be able to display proof of ownership as a “hexagonal cloud of particles” surrounding the NFT, which the report claims can be resized to an individual’s liking. 

Arnault said the feature was merging the interests of collectors swayed by technology who also held an interest in curating digital art. He noted the watch as a “great format” for customers to view their NFT artwork, with the mobile format also serving as an excellent conversation starter. 

Tag Heuer’s CEO also claimed that displaying NFTs and ownership on smartwatches would help those less familiar with the industry “start seeing the point,” and could lead to massive changes in the way that time is displayed.

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