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In recent years, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has increasingly asserted its authority in the realm of digital assets. However, the lack of a systematic process or clear rulemaking by the SEC has led to regulatory uncertainty, causing instability in the digital asset regulatory landscape.


SEC’s Inclusion of Crypto Mining Equipment

The crypto industry has been captivated by a shocking new case filed by the SEC. The SEC aims to categorize the sale of crypto mining equipment and the provision of hosting services within the scope of “investment contracts” under the Howey Test, as seen in this particular case.

A Closer Look at the SEC’s Allegations

MetaLawMan, a Lawyer and Crypto Enthusiast brought attention to the SEC’s surprising case through a recent tweet. According to the SEC’s allegations, selling cryptocurrency mining equipment and offering hosting services for such equipment could potentially fall under the definition of an “investment contract” as defined by the Howey Test. Notably, the SEC has not provided any formal or informal guidance indicating that the sale of mining equipment could be considered an unregistered securities offering.

SEC’s Expanding Jurisdiction

This recent attempt by the SEC to broaden its jurisdiction to encompass the sale of mining equipment adds to a growing series of cases where the agency seems to be pushing the limits of its statutory authority.

In response to the SEC’s concerns, a Twitter user aimed to shed light on the matter by emphasizing that the core issue lies not in the sale of mining equipment itself but in the sale of a token that promises future profits. However, David Schwartz, the CTO of Ripple, stepped in to clarify the issue.

Schwartz clarified that the company involved in the case was not selling tokens but rather argued that the SEC’s legal theory revolves around the sale of crypto-mining equipment as securities. He drew a parallel to Howey’s sale of orange groves as securities and stated that this situation aligns closely with the principles outlined in the Howey Test.

Orange Groves and Crypto Miners

According to Schwartz, the crypto miners being sold can be compared to orange groves, while the hosting agreement serves as the service contract. In this context, the token itself becomes irrelevant. The SEC’s argument centers around applying the same Howey factors to the sale of crypto miners as they did to the sale of orange groves.

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