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Rober Kiyosaki, who is a best-selling author, highlighted and brought into the spotlight one asset, which according to him is trading below its real value and no, he is not referring to his favorite cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

The author of Rich Dad Poor Dad said that investors are not paying enough attention to the precious metal silver. Taking to his Twitter handle, Kiyosaki said that Silver is the most undervalued asset and the author also agreed with Andy Schectman, the head of the precious metals investment business Miles Franklin. 

He wrote on Twitter, “Andy Scheckman says: “Silver is the most undervalued asset of a generation.”  I agree.”

However, on the flip side, Kiyosaki, who is a seasoned gold and silver investor, also cautioned about the possibility of an impending worldwide financial crisis.

He said that it is possible for the nation to experience circumstances similar to that of the Great Depression in the 1930s. Additionally, he claimed that conventional investment strategies are probably not going to be enough to shield people from possible financial catastrophes. 

He also said that saving money and investing in a well-diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds is unsafe advice, which he said he has been giving for years. Although prices will fluctuate, he still thinks that the greatest investments for uncertain times are gold, silver, and Bitcoin. 

“Please. Please Please. World economy on verge of collapse. Runs on banks next? Are savings frozen? Bail-ins next? I make no money when you to buy REAL silver coins. I simply want you prepared for what is coming. You can buy a real silver coin for about $25. Please take care.”

The best-selling author also keeps making huge claims regarding the future value of bitcoin. He predicted that the price of Bitcoin will soar to $500,000 by 2025 earlier this month.

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