QMALL’s European Launchpad QPad to Blast-Off in September

The countdown has started to one of the most talked about events of the year in the crypto world. QMALL, the Ukrainian-based cryptocurrency exchange, has just announced it will launch its highly anticipated cryptocurrency launchpad in a matter of days from now. 


For months now, the QMALL team has been sifting through hundreds of projects with the quality and potential required to warrant a place on launch day. Three promising projects which offer investors the most profit-making potential and liquidity have already been chosen for September’s prestigious launch. September will also see a variety of other tokens listed on the exchange shortly after the first three go live.      

With the cryptocurrency market experiencing a downturn recently, QMALL has faced a severe challenge in sourcing quality projects that meet its strict criteria. Many of the most promising projects around were simply put on ice until market conditions began to look more favorable. Today, the crypto market is showing strong signs of recovery, and the number of projects searching for launchpads is once again slowly on the increase. QMALL is also feeling confident about the current climate. And with signs looking so encouraging, it plans to launch three or four exciting new projects each month.

QMALL has achieved much in the short time since its launch. The company was founded by crypto visionaries Mykola Udianskyi and Bohdan Prylepa in November 2021, a mere eight months ago. QMALL became Ukraine’s first government-regulated cryptocurrency exchange and went on to become one of the most popular platforms in the country, with an unrivaled reputation for having security to rival Fort Knox, extremely low fees and lightning-fast transaction speeds.

Next, the company managed to acquire a license to trade in the Eurozone, allowing its 100,000 existing users to trade in Euro pairs and new customers to benefit from those reputed low fees and incredible speeds. However, without a shadow of a doubt, QMALL’s biggest achievement, and a direct result of receiving its EU trading license, was teaming up with Sophia Antipolis (The French equivalent of Silicon Valley) to create QPad, Europe’s largest launchpad and the subject of today’s huge announcement. 

The fact that the number of quality projects seeking launchpads is increasing means that QMALL is perfectly positioned to be choosy. At the same time, for the projects themselves, launching in Europe provides a certain level of prestige and immediate access to a world of opportunities. QMALL don’t just want to give the projects every chance of success; they want QMALL token holders to reap the rewards of their investment. Therefore, only those projects that can offer high liquidity levels and serious potential for large amounts of long-term profit are being considered for the QPad platform.  

Photo of Coinpedia