NFBarter: A Multi Chain Trade & Swap NFT Protocol on Ethereum & Solana Chain

NFT developers just got a new building tool as the bear market rages on. According to NFbarter project founder, Mr. Leo Viturin:

“Our team has just launched what the company bills as a web3 marketplace protocol for safely and efficiently buying and selling NFTs. The protocol will allow for a more varied and specific NFT trading experience. For example, users will be able to post offers for NFTs in ETH and SOL, instead of just ETH prices”.

Instead of listing an NFT for a certain amount of ETH or SOL, users can list a potential trade for NFTs. For example, a user could use the NFbarter protocol to create a trade offer to exchange a Bored Ape for a bundle including a CryptoPunk, a Cryptoadz, and a bit of Uniswap’s UNI token. The possibilities are virtually endless, giving users more control and bringing more value and utility to their existing portfolios.

Launching & deploying NFBarter on Ethereum and Solana will bring forth a more advanced and decentralized non-fungible token trading protocol that will address the liquidity problem in the NFT space.

Solving this Liquidity problem allows for more novel opportunities, including:

  • Allowing creators to bundle multiple NFTs into a single offer
  • Enabling investors to gain price exposure to NFT projects without identifying and buying individual NFTs
  • Fairer price setting and easier trading of NFTs by collectors and newcomers alike.

How Does the NFBarter Protocol Work?

NFBarter introduces a bartering aspect to NFT trading. As a result, traders can get more granular. For example, on the NFbarter platform, individual NFTs could be specified in a trade, but also specific traits.

Therefore, users could post an offer to trade their NFTs for a particular NFT using their ID number. Or they could post a request to only trade an Ape NFT for one of the nine Alien CryptoPunks.

What Is the NFB Token?

The $NFB Token Is the utility token of the NFBarter protocol. It will be used for governance and weighing in on how the NFbarter protocol will operate in the future.

$NFB will have other use cases:

  • Discounted Listing Fees (up to 50%).
  • Staking To Earn More $NFB 
  • eligibility to participate in discounted offers that will be only available to $NFB holders.

How To Acquire $NFB Tokens

We are on a mission to make the NFB ecosystem as decentralized as possible. As such, there will be no venture capitalist investments. In addition, we have a maximum cap per user for the Pre-sale round to ensure a fair token distribution.

Early investors can acquire $NFB Tokens by joining the token pre-sale round.

Join $NFB Token Pre-Sale


With the launch of our new NFbarter protocol, we believe we will unlock new potential and utility within the NFT space.

We will present users with new ways to trade, sell, and seek value in the NFT industry. That will, in turn, fuel ongoing growth for the NFBarter ecosystem.


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