MN Crypto Council Establishes Digital Currency Education System

The MN Crypto Council in Minnesota is setting up a new nonprofit that will help to provide education for crypto hounds.

MN Crypto Council Establishes New Crypto Education Nonprofit

The space is often marred by terrible decisions. There are many people out there who experience fear of missing out – or FOMO, as it’s called – and thus get involved in the digital currency space without really understanding what they’re doing. They fall for all kinds of scams and usually wind up losing more than what they could have earned.

These kinds of situations really bring the space down and prevent it from reaching mainstream status, and there are many organizations out there that want to make sure investors know what to expect from the crypto space before jumping in. It’s one of the riskiest, most speculative industries out there, and people need to understand that before stepping into the world of cryptocurrency.

Alex Schoephoerster – an attorney at Moss & Barnett and a member of the MN Crypto Council – commented in a recent interview:

Our goal, really, is to empower you guys to drive innovation and growth in the community by educating you on what the space is (and) applying it to your businesses.

Among the tactics the organization will utilize is hosting in-person and virtual events about crypto investing. Many of the topics that will be featured in these events will likely revolve around non-fungible tokens (NFTs), crypto mining, and the many attempts to legalize and/ or regulate the space.

He said:

There’s always pushback, and typically, it’s people that just don’t understand.

One of the big problems the crypto space is facing right now is that prices keep on crashing. However, according to Marshall Grams of Ledge Wealth, it is still a good time to buy and get involved. He stated that while the crypto space is volatile, one cannot afford to put it aside any longer:

Just because crypto is scary, just because it’s speculative, just because it’s volatile doesn’t mean that there’s not a return there or doesn’t mean it should not be inevitable. There’s just a risk. It’s all about risk management, and it boils down to being educated.

Crypto Has the Wrong Reputation

Chase Larson of the St. Cloud Financial Credit Union also said crypto has been marred because everyone is looking to make a quick buck. He assures listeners that’s not what the space is all about. He stated:

People get caught up in the ‘get rich quick,’ right? You want to invest, and you want to get rich, but I really think that the value that bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and the blockchain is going to bring is much more than just on an investment level.

Those looking to get involved with the MN Crypto Council are advised to check out its Facebook page.

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