Lazy Lions Passes $100 Million USD Volume Traded and Celebrates First Birthday

Lazy Lions has just passed the $100 million USD volume traded mark. With this achievement, it is now in the top 58 of all-time when it comes to NFT collections by trading volume, and in the top 30 for PFPs. Moreover, this veritable accomplishment coincided with the generative NFT project’s first birthday.

It is important to note that the Lazy Lions OG collection, which minted at 0.05 ETH in August, sold out in just 5 hours. From then on, Lazy Lions built a strong community of over 140,000 Discord, 100,000 on Twitter and over 5,000 holders. Clearly, the Lazy Lions community is the opposite of lazy IRL!

To celebrate these milestones, Lazy Lions co-founder and CEO Ashur tweeted: “30,000 ETH traded. What a milestone. 59th on the OpenSea all-time top list (that includes every NFT created, even games)… and we’re just getting started. #LazyLions.” Lazy Lions also celebrated this milestone on Instagram: “It’s been one hell of a year #LazyLions #Roar.” @ashurnft added: “Love seeing @lazylionsnft IRL. So cool 🔥 #nfts #web3,” alongside photos of Lazy Lions-inspired street art in Los Angeles, Melbourne and Austin – cementing Lazy Lions’ growing popularity in popular culture. 

Additionally, NFT influencers such as @BrendanBald and @iSocialFanz have repeatedly praised Lazy Lions on Twitter: “Best NFT Community????” tweeted @BrendanBald, “Gotta be the @LazyLionsNFT – HANDS DOWN the most active and positive community on social media. Bull market, bear market, doesn’t matter – the kings and queens are roaring. #LazyLions #roar #RoaringAugust.” “What can we learn from an NFT project that generated 100mil USD in sales in the first year?? A s*ton!” tweeted @iSocialFanz.

In addition to these shoutouts and endorsements, LazyLions has also been recognised as a seminal NFT project by press outlets such as The Guardian, Yahoo Finance, Kraken, NFTevening and DappRadar, the name but a few. “Far more affordable than many other top collections by daily trading volume, Ashur pointed to “validation and cultural relevance” as the drivers of Lazy Lions’ success in the attention-based market, citing partnerships with larger name brands like Coinbase, the Sacramento Kings, and Puma,” commented DappRadar. 

“As one of few projects that have been around for nearly a year, Lazy Lions could be considered an OG NFT collection when it comes to the PFP avatar craze that emerged in 2021. This 10K collection boasts a respectable track record, as well as one of the strongest NFT communities out there,” wrote NFTevening.

With key brand partnerships, a strong and thriving community, and an engaging roadmap, there is no way of stopping the Lazy Lions community from being one of the loudest and active voices on Twitter and Instagram! #Roar 🦁

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