KingSpeed’s Mainnet Version: A Massive Launch With Total Reward of up to $10,000

KingSpeed officially launched the very mainnet version with new features and cars.
A tournament with a total prize pool of $10,000 will also be held with several pools for users to participate in. 

On June 17th, KingSpeed officially launched the mainnet version for its blockchain racing game after a successful testnet tournament back in April 2022 with over 5,000 participants. With this mainnet version, KingSpeed is looking forward to making the game even more popular within the play-to-earn enthusiast community. 

In this version, racing enthusiasts can enjoy real earnings by using their cars to compete with other players. The game will contain interesting game modes for racing enthusiasts: The first one is Grand Tournament in which the user will compete with 7 other users and win the race to earn gKSC (gKSC is the in-game currency that users can exchange for KSC after). The other mode will be Versus mode or 1v1 battle, in which a user will stake an amount of gKSC and compete with another and the winner takes all gKSC. Besides these two modes, there will also be a casual mode for users to join and practice their racing skills without the fear of losing to others.

The game will use two different tokens: KSC and gKSC. KSC is the game native token that can be used to buy and upgrade in-game items as well as to cash out and trade. On the other hand, the token gKSC will be used for an in-game purpose- which means it will be used to reward users as well as to stake in Versus mode. The gKSC and KSC will have the same value in which 1 gKSC = 1KSC. The token flow can be seen in the photo below.

KingSpeed wants to satisfy the love for speed of its users with a brand new car to be introduced: The Flash. Based on the legendary inspiration of formula 1 cars, The Flash will be an elegant beast when competing with others. KingSpeed also offers a free car for players who would like to try out the game before investing. 

A massive tournament will be held with a total prize pool of $5,500. The challenges will contain 2 prize pools: Super league for users using Flash and Tsunami and Claim Wind challenge for users using our free car. Participants can also join the extra Tiktok Tournament to show their creativity and share special moments while enjoying the game to receive rewards in cash.

KingSpeed is looking forward to strengthening its position as one of the leading blockchain gamefi projects by providing users with an entertaining and profitable game.

About KingSpeed
KingSpeed is a Free-to-play and Play-to-earn blockchain-based racing game where players use NFT cars and equipment to challenge other players In a huge and ever-expanding racing world that KingSpeed created. In KingSpeed, users can collect rare virtual items including Cars, Drivers, Gears, and Race Tracks. Furthermore, users can use their collectibles to race in KingSpeed racing games. The design of the collectible components of the game simulates traditional scarcity-based collecting games. KingSpped racing game will contain multiple game modes and activities, allowing users to earn rewards while playing the game.

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