GRN (G) Token Listed On LBank Exchange

On June 24, 2022, GRN (G) was listed on LBank Exchange, a worldwide trading platform for digital assets. On June 24, 2022, at 21:00 (UTC+8), all users of LBank Exchange will be able to trade the G/USDT trading pair.

Due to its excessive use of electricity and resulting e-waste, the blockchain industry has been a topic of controversy because it prohibits them from functioning as a practical alternative to the current centralized system or for wider acceptance. Through the use of its new and distinctive Proof of Stake V2 algorithm, GRN Grid is designed as an energy-efficient, high-performance, low-fee smart chain that actively supports decentralization and security. On June 24, 2022, at 21:00 (UTC+8), its native token GRN (G) will be launched on LBank Exchange, furthering its global reach and assisting it in realizing its objective.

Presenting GRN Grid

GRN Grid is a smart chain designed for a brighter future that actively supports decentralization and security with its ground-breaking Proof of Stake V2 (PoS2) algorithm, all while putting sustainability first. It has a brand-new verification technique with pooled validators for very instantaneous transactions, and its Lighting Trail Verification (LTV) ensures that the network is always stable and scalable.

Grid emerges as the first smart chain to be developed with the possibility of running solely on renewable energy sources because its technology permits green-only transactions. Additionally, Grid includes a number of noteworthy features, including an integrated payment and escrow system, switching pools, and encrypted user communication.

In order to quickly increase the utility of the Grid smart chain, GRN Wallet is also being launched alongside GRN Grid. All popular browsers and the wallet application will work together seamlessly. Additionally, the GRN Wallet will be open source, enabling the GRN community to create custom wallets for the GRN Grid.

As soon as web3.0 is widely adopted, Grid wants to make it easier for every business and individual to “go green” by accelerating the adoption of renewable energy in blockchain technology. Furthermore, the gradual distribution of GRN for validation promotes sustainable growth and discourages wealth accumulation. These features make GRN a competitive alternative to current (de)centralized technology.

The G Token

The GRN (G) token acts as the native token on Grid and has a variety of uses, such as staking, paying fees, voting on features, rewarding validators, and conducting transactions on the Grid (NFTs). Additionally, it encourages the use of renewable energy by utilizing GRN token in the operations of a mining and renewable energy company.

G has a total supply of 1 billion (1,000,000,000) tokens, of which 50% will go to the community fund, 10% will be reserved for early adopters and private sales, 3% will go to charity, 5% will be used for liquidity, 7% will be used for marketing, 10% will go to the company, 8% will be used for product/tech growth, and the remaining 7% will go to the partners.

Investors interested in GRN Grid investments will be able to easily buy and sell G token on LBank Exchange by June 24, 2022, when it will be published on the exchange at 21:00 (UTC+8). Without a doubt, G’s listing on LBank Exchange will aid in the company’s continued business growth and increase market awareness.

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