FishVerse Unveils First Ultimate Fishing Metaverse

FishVerse has announced the launch of its fishing ecosystem inside the metaverse. FishVerse is a decentralized AAA-type mobile fishing game that gives players a near-real fishing experience.

The game was created by MG Labs gaming studio, an experienced game development company that has already launched MetaShooter – a very successful game that is already live on Steam – the world’s biggest gaming platform.

The company aims to create an “ultra-realistic, one-of-a-kind web3 game that anyone can play and enjoy from any part of the world. Players can monetize the game to earn by catching and utilizing NFT fishes, competing in tournaments, completing missions, building business and more to earn passive income.

You can quickly sign up and start fishing by creating an account on the fisher dashboard, where you will deposit some FVS tokens, which are the tokens that power the entire ecosystem.

After that, you need to create a male or female character, which you can customize. You will then get an NFT fishing ticket with which you can start fishing and earn rewards as you progress. 

If you wish to get ahead of other players, you can Purchase NFT gaming equipment to help you progress in The FishVerse more effectively. You can then get an NFT tournament ticket, allowing you to access tournaments and compete for a prize fund.  

You can also purchase NFT assets within the game ecosystem and start a business by providing in-demand services for other players to increase your revenue. 

Several incentives make the game exciting and rewarding as well. You can receive tokens when you catch fish and complete some trophy collections or missions. Also, by upgrading your equipment, you can participate in tournaments where successful participants can earn prize funds. 

A good investment in the metaverse is an ecosystem property. That way, other players will come to you to recharge stamina or their boats, as well as to get some additional equipment or fix it. This is an easy way to monetize your property. 

Different tiers of NFT lands are available to buy and have a place for fish breeding and a dock to recharge your fishing boat or that of other players. 

There is also a place to showcase your trophies and an NFT repair shop where you’ll assist other players to fix their broken fishing equipment and manufacture fodder and fish bait for personal use. You can also personalize your fishing rod and any other NFTs. 

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