Fetch-ai Network Partners With SubQuery To Expand Into Cosmos

Fetch-ai Network, a decentralized blockchain network bridging the digital economy with the real world and integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), now supports SubQuery, an interoperable on-chain indexing service provider.

In a press release, the integration of SubQuery with Fetch-ai Network is a move that will not only free up time and resources for dApp developers but also make the platform a choice network for builders across the board. According to Fetch-ai Network, the decision to partner with SubQuery, a solution provider the team said is valuable, highlights their commitment to offering its projects timely tools to quickly deliver their vision mission and reach their milestones faster. 

Kamal Ved, the Chief Product Officer of Fetch-ai Network, said the partnership would accelerate their goal of solving complex coordination challenges for developers to build and launch their dApps.

“Fast access to blockchain data is paramount for Fetch’s compute-intensive AI and agent-based automation products. Our integration with SubQuery’s indexing solution nicely supplements the rest of our toolchain to support our aspirations to solve complex coordination challenges with AI and automation and make the Fetch-ai Network network a great choice for dApp builders to develop and launch their applications.”

SubQuery offers a reliable indexing solution, and the developing team is keen on expanding to more blockchains. Their immediate goal is to connect interoperable blockchains powered by the Cosmos Standard Development Kit (SDK), of which Fetch-ai Network forms a critical part. The integration will further complement the service offerings and toolchains by the AI-led platform. Subsequently, developers would now fully enjoy the indexing solution’s full experience, access open source SDK and tools, and even qualify for SubQuery’s Grant Program.

The partnership with Fetch-ai Network comes less than four weeks after the release of Juno, a data indexing solution specifically adapted for the rapidly growing Cosmos ecosystem. Juno is primarily built to be a decentralized and interoperable layer-1 smart contracting platform that will foster interconnectedness within the Cosmos ecosystem. The solution fits squarely into SubQuery’s overarching goal of eventually becoming a go-to indexing solution provider, linking connected protocols and projects. 

Ahead of their launching on Fetch-ai Network, SubQuery had been integrated with Polkadot, a highly scalable, low-fees, and interoperable blockchain, where it served hundreds of millions of queries for two of the network’s most active parachains in Acala and MoonBeam. Acala is a DeFi protocol that leverages Polkadot’s Relay chain for interoperability and scalability while anchoring its security on the base layer. Meanwhile, MoonBeam is a platform that maximizes the benefits of interoperability to provide a smooth conduit for migrating dApps between Polkadot and Ethereum.

Earlier, Fetch-ai Network announced the launch of the Fetch-ai Network Twin in the U.S. 

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