Curated Metaverse Platform Metropolis World Engages Flare as a Key Interoperability Partner

Metropolis World, a soon to launch curated metaverse platform, announces a partnership with Flare, a new blockchain which enables secure decentralized interoperability between chains and metaverses.

Rashid Ajami, Co-Founder of Metropolis World, said: “The backing of Flare enables us to offer users the seamless movement between different metaverse ecosystems — this really sets us apart and reflects our big picture vision of how the metaverse is going to evolve.”

Flare’s blockchain technology will allow for the seamless movement by users between different metaverse ecosystems and blockchains, such as Decentraland and Sandbox, which is a key aspect of Metropolis’ vision for the metaverse.

The Flare partnership means that Metropolis World becomes a one stop destination as it now has a bridge into other metaverses. Metropolis users will be able to move into other worlds easily without borders.

Hugo Philion, CEO & Co-founder of Flare, said: “Interoperability is a critical challenge, not just for blockchains, but also for metaverses. We share Metropolis’ vision for a seamlessly interconnected metaverse universe, and as their key interoperability partner, we will be implementing decentralized and insured LayerCake bridges to ensure safe transit for all user assets.”

Metropolis World differentiates itself from other metaverse platforms due to its design aesthetic: its cities are created digitally by hand and every property is a unique standalone piece of art. Unlike the majority of NFT collections Metropolis is not utilizing generative art to create the actual cities.

Rania Ajami, Co-Founder of Metropolis World, said: “Metropolis will offer a metaverse experience unlike anything else out there. We see huge scope for the platform globally as the melding of digi-physical immersive experiences for our users blends into one life, but not just in our capital cities of the metaverse but on other platforms too thanks to our partnership with Flare.”

The real-world ecosystem is already developed as it has formed partnerships with a wide range of high-profile ambassadors from the worlds of music, art, gaming, NFT, crypto and business whom it is calling founding citizens. These include — 3LAU, Bored Elon, Chad Knight, Dillon Francis, Diplo, Fvckrender, Valfre, Meltem Demirors, Outlier Ventures, Steve Aoki.

Metropolis’ first metaverse city called Celeste is launching in the fall and over the next 12 months it will drop its avatars and the ecommerce platform. Within 18 months it expects to launch six cities with each property sold as an individual NFT.

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