Crypto Winter, An opportunity To Build The Future, Claims Asset Group MD

The prolonged crypto winter has implanted an extreme fear in almost every tool that indicates the sentiments of markets. Nevertheless, though the uncertainty is hovering around the crypto space, a few of the market participants are optimistic in terms of the opportunities that can come in.


As per Alex Tapscott, Ninepoint Digital Asset Group’s MD, the bear market is the time when we should be building our future. As he feels it’s important to keep our focus past the market prices.

Alex explained that these crypto winters are one of the best times to learn and build our future. He asserts that the last bear market got us NFTrevolution, decentralized finance, stablecoins and also gaming to earn.

Bitcoin, Revolution In Financial Sector

Furthermore, the MD said that this bear market will build us for the Web3 world of technologies. Making it more clear, Alex illustrated that there is a high chance for decentralized finance (DeFi) to see a massive growth continuing its impact on the financial system. According to him, If Bitcoin is the revolution in the financial sector, then DeFi is the acceleration.

Alex Tapscott claims that the present market correction has seen crypto-assets lose nearly $2 trillion in its value. On the contrary, he also inspired investors to be focused and look for opportunities because bear markets are the one which gives an idea for new businesses to be formed and build the future of the technologies.

The executive also stressed how frightening the negative trend in cryptocurrency values is for traders who are looking at the near term. Tapscott did add, that because investors appear to have calmed, the suffering might subside soon

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