CARES (1BCARES) Token Listed on XT.COM Exchange is pleased to announce that CARES (1BCARES) will soon be listed on its marketplace. Through this partnership, both networks will be able to reach a wider audience and support more international humanitarian and socioeconomic concerns.

Now that CARES tokens can be deposited on the platform by all investors and supporters of and CARES, trading for 1BCARES/USDT and 1BCARES/ETH is accessible.

Traders can now place a purchase or sell order for CARES tokens at the exchange’s market price of their choice. On July 6, 2022, at 3:00, all investors and traders may withdraw their CARES tokens (UTC).

“We are excited to list CARES (1BCARES) on the exchange. With this listing, we can mutually build our networks and expand our reach globally to support various humanitarian causes like disaster relief and medical research. We look forward to supporting the crypto market across the globe and making a positive impact in the world.” – Jonathan Shih, the Country Manager of stated.

On the other side, one of the BSC projects in the area with the quickest growth is the CARES network. It has an automatic burning system that runs on a monthly timetable.

Additionally, it has an automatic reflection feature that allows investors to make money while still holding tokens.

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