Brace For Impact As $200 Million In Crypto Is Being Unlocked In October

In a sudden turn of events for what is usually expected to be a bullish month for the crypto industry, a series of token unlocks set to take place this month is now threatening this bullish momentum. With around $200 million in various altcoins expected to flood the open market, the current market rally may end up being short-lived.

$200 Million In Crypto Being Unlocked

Token tracking website Token Unlocks has revealed that around $200 million in various cryptocurrencies are being unlocked at various intervals through the course of this year. The tokens being unlocked range from SUI to Optimism to Aptos’s APT, among others.

A screenshot shared by Wu Blockchain on X (formerly Twitter) showed a list of tokens expecting large crypto unlocks in October, as well as the percentage of supply they represent and their equivalent dollar value. The first on the list is SUI.

SUI’s upcoming token unlock is by no means the largest on the list. But it is significant and will be the first to take place this month. Set to happen on October 3, 34.62 million SUI tokens (4.37% of supply) worth $17.11 million will flow into the open market.

Following this just a couple of days later on October 7 is the Immutable X (IMX) token unlock. This unlock will see another 1.55% of the total supply (18.08 million tokens) worth $10.91 million unlocked. Aptos follows five days later on October 12 with 4.54 million APT tokens accounting for 1.91% of supply and worth $25.81 million.

Crypto token unlocks for October | Source: X

ApeCoin’s unlock of 15.6 million tokens will then take place on October 17. This represents 4.23% of supply and is worth $19.50 million; the third-lowest of the bunch.

The highest on the list in terms of dollar figures is the Axie Infinity token unlock. This crypto unlock will happen toward the end of the month on October 20, with 15.13 million tokens representing 11.50% of the total AXS supply. The dollar value of these tokens is $71.24 million going by current prices.

Last but not least, is another Optimism OP token unlock. It is slated for October 30 and 24.16 million tokens, similar to previous unlocks, will be brought into circulation. This translates to 3.03% of supply with a dollar value of $35.03 million.

In total, 31 crypto projects have scheduled token unlocks for the month of October. Other notable but smaller unlocks include DYDX’s $4.51 million unlock, CYBER’s $6.87 million unlock, FLOW’s $3.44 million unlock, and Space ID’s $3.98 million token unlock.

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