BitBoy vs Atozy Lawsuit: Decoding The Complete Truth

After much-heated debate and melodrama, the battle is over as Ben Armstrong, also known as BitBoy Crypto, declared he was dumping his case against Erling Mengshoel Jr., also known as Atozy.

In response to a Youtube video posted on Nov 8 by Atozy titled “This YouTuber scams his fans… Bitboy Crypto,” BitBoy Crypto, also known as Ben Armstrong, filed a defamation lawsuit against Atozy on August 12. 

Armstrong, however, announced yesterday via a live stream that he is dropping the lawsuit as Atozy was able to gather $200,000 for his defense.

He officially announced that, 

“the matter will be fully dismissed, and I sincerely regret that it was made public and that it was misconstrued. However, I just wanted you all to know why I was taking this action. This was not an entertaining legal dispute.”

Armstrong says he simply submitted the complaint to persuade Atozy to take down his video and that he has no intention of initiating any legal action.

He went on to say that the conflict had escalated beyond his expectations as a result of well-known cryptocurrency traders and podcasters like Cobie (Jordan Fish) giving $100,000 to Atozy.

He later stated, 

“When someone warns that you could face SEC repercussions, that is not a joke, guys; that is a very sensitive issue. In order to protect my reputation, all I needed was for him to take down the video because it contains factually incorrect material.”

Interestingly, BitBoy Crypto is still available in Atozy’s video. BitBoy requested Atozy to at least modify the video’s offending sections during yesterday’s live stream. Armstrong did say that Atozy had “won” in the end, though.

In a tweet, Atozy stated that the lawsuit’s dismissal has not yet been officially verified. As he was informed that “if it is not with prejudice, he can refile at any time,” he claims he is awaiting formal confirmation from his attorney.

As soon as the confirmation arrives, he vows to return everyone’s donations.

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