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In a recent statement, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, has updated its users about its decision to exit the Russian market. The exchange will no longer accept Russian Ruble (RUB) deposits but will continue to allow RUB withdrawals until a later date.

The reason behind this decision is related to Binance’s compliance strategy. According to Binance’s Chief Compliance Officer, Noah Perlman, their compliance approach is not well-aligned with the Russian regulatory landscape. As a result, the company has chosen to depart from Russia, with a planned exit date in September 2023. The off-boarding process for Russian customers may take up to a year, but Binance has assured its users that their funds are entirely secure.

The transition involves a significant change for existing customers as Binance’s Russian division is being sold to another digital asset exchange called CommEX. Starting November 15 at 0:00 UTC, Binance will no longer accept RUB deposits. However, RUB withdrawals will still be allowed until January 31, 2024.

To facilitate the transition for its users, Binance has provided specific instructions. There will be no transaction fees for users transferring their funds to the CommEX platform if they have fiat balances in Russian Rubles. Users can quickly move their RUB from Binance to CommEX by connecting their Binance and CommEX accounts.

Alternatively, users can withdraw their Russian Rubles using Binance’s fiat partners before the cryptocurrency exchange’s deadline or convert their RUB into cryptocurrency using the Binance Convert feature. Additionally, customers can exchange their Russian Rubles for cryptocurrency on the Binance Spot market.

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