Alex Adelman on the Present State of Crypto

Alex Adelman – the founder and CEO of bitcoin platform Lolli – sat down to discuss the state of the bitcoin industry. He talked about recent rallies and how people can earn bitcoin while shopping.

Alex Adelman Discusses Crypto

When talking about how his own company has fared throughout the recent crash, Adelman said:

People right now are looking to save money wherever they can. We’ve created the easiest way for them to save money in the form of bitcoin. So, we’ve partnered with over 1,000 merchants that let you go both in-store and online to earn bitcoin back on your everyday purchases. So, for the last four years, we’ve made it as easy as possible for people to get into bitcoin. Now, we’re talking about all the institutions coming in, and we tried to give everyone a head start. Now the institutions are coming, and people need to stock up, I think.

Regarding the traffic his app has witnessed, Adelman responded with:

So, I think, unfortunately, a lot of people, they invest the wrong way. They invest on the way up and at the top, but they forget about, like, dollar cost average investing, and so, you know, typically, it’s smart to go invest on the way down and on the way up if you believe in the technology and the asset.

At the same time, he was quick to say he believes the technology behind bitcoin is as strong as ever, and he’s confident the space is going to last a while. He stated:

Me personally, I believe in bitcoin. I believe it’s a huge piece of the future. It connects 4.5 billion people with the same asset, the same technology, and so it’s not going anywhere, and so if you believe in the technology, these things that happened over the last 13 years that have made the price go up and down are meaningless. The technology is the exact same as it was. It’s doing the exact same thing [it] was promised to do, and it’s just as powerful as it ever was.

Making Things Easy

Adelman was also quick to say his platform not only allows people to earn crypto rewards but does so in a simple way. He commented:

It’s dead simple. I mean, one thing I’ve talked about is we’re trying to make the easiest way for consumers to get into bitcoin and we have done that. It takes 30 seconds. You start earning in no time. The thing that we, sort of non-obvious, is that we’ve also created the easiest way for merchants to get on board as well. So, if you look at all our 1,000-plus merchants, there’s less than ten of them, not ten percent, less than ten of them accept cryptocurrency. So, for many of them, we’re the first crypto company they’ve ever worked with.

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