AI developer Anthropic raises $450M in Series C round

On May 23, artificial intelligence (AI) safety and research company Anthropic announced that it had raised $450 million in Series C funding led by Spark Capital, with additional participation by Google, Salesforce Ventures, Sound Ventures and Zoom Ventures. 

Developers said the funds would be used to build “helpful, harmless, and honest AI systems — including Claude, an AI assistant that can perform a wide variety of conversational and text processing tasks.” 

The firm is currently building new features, such as 100K context windows, which allow users to submit hundreds of pages of materials for its digital AI assistant Claude to digest and analyze. In connection with the funding round, Yasmin Razavi, a general partner at Spark Capital, will also be joining Anthropic’s board of directors. 

Cointelegraph previously reported that OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, chief technology officer Greg Brockman and lead scientist Ilya Sutskever jointly warned that superhuman AI may arrive within a decade, with the three writing, “We have to get it right.” The experts also said that stopping the purportedly inevitable creation of a superintelligent AI would require the establishment of a global surveillance regime at a minimum.

According to Scott Zoldi, chief analytics officer of FICO, blockchains can help establish safer AI models by recording “the entire journey of building these models, including their mistakes, corrections and improvements.” That said, Zoldi told Cointelegraph Magazine: “The makers of AI devices don’t want to do harm to people, but they’re often not provided with the necessary tools to ensure that doesn’t happen.”

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