$ADA: Cardano-Powered Metaverse ‘Cardalonia’ Partners With ‘Ready Player Me’, Prepares for Land Presale

On Friday (August 19), Cardalonia ($LONIA), the Web3 startup that claims to be “building the biggest metaverse ecosystem on Cardano”, announced an interesting new partnership.

On April 18, the Estonian crypto startup that is developing the upcoming Cardano-powered NFT-based play-to-earn (P2E) game Cardanlonia ($LONIA) announced that it had raised $420,000 in a pre-seed round.

In a press release issued on that day, here is how they defined the term metaverse:

A metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection, facilitated by the use of virtual and augmented reality headsets and Blockchain assets that would ensure the scarcity and immutability of in game assets.

The press release went on to say that Cardalonia had managed to raise “$420,000 thousand in pre-seed funding in January by angel investors,” and that it “envisions to create a creator centric platform that is owned by creators, developers, and a growing community of metaverse players.” Apparently, “more than 8 investors, including blockchain players led by Hedgespur Capital took part in the round.”

This funding round will “help the company to kick off the project, entering strategic partnerships, onboarding more developers and also bringing more enthusiasts into the Metaverse space.”

Here is Cardalonia team’s overview of the project:

Cardalonia is a decentralized, fully customizable virtual world on Cardano where players can build and own their experiences on the Cardano Blockchain. Utilizing the Cardano ecosystem known for its security to develop a 3D decentralized gaming metaverse that would unlock creativity in Cardalonia as you can Earn, create, socialize, play, trade and so much more, all in a virtual world.

We believe Cardalonia will become a sprawling, decentralized, massively multiplayer and multi-chain ecosystem of many interconnected worlds. With each world having in-game portals to many other worlds, as well as the ability for players to easily warp between their favorite worlds at any time. We see a future where each world offers unique gameplay mechanics, experiences, play-to-earn competitions, community hangouts, and so much more...

As a Player, you can choose a clan, create digital assets as NFTs, deploy them to your Cardalonia land which must initially be acquired by the player either by through an airdrop or purchasing from the Land pre-sale.Cardalonia is made up of clans as users who possess land NFTs will be able to claim and join a clain with an Avatar to be able to experience Cardalonia.In order to buy Land, Join a Clan and be able to enjoy the exquisite treatment in Cardalonia, players need to have have $LONIA which is the central utility token that would allow crypto & non-crypto enthusiasts be a part in Cardalonia...

The $LONIA token is Cardalonia’s in-game currency.It is deployed on the Cardano network. $Lonia is a token earned and used by players in Cardalonia, creating an interconnected economic ecosystem of games and experiences.

The $LONIA token can be used for “access to the Cardalonia platform”, “govenance voting”, “staking”, and “Cardalonia ORB”.

According to the latest update from the Cardalonia team, they are currently working on the Cardalonia marketplace, which is “the internal NFT marketplace which will be made available for Trading and listing Cardalonia collectibles.” You can “purchase land, buy & trade Avatars and also in-game power-ups and gems on the Cardalonia Marketplace.”

Earlier today, Cardalonia CTO “Vasil Air” tweeted about the Cardalonia Staking Vault and the Cardalonia Marketplace:

Well, yesterday (August 19), the Cardalonia team issued a press release to announce a partnership with cross-game avatar platform Ready Player Me in order to integrate Ready Player Me avatars into the Cardalonia metaverse.


The press release went on to say that “$LONIA token holders will be able to use their clan avatars and Ready Player Me avatars in a more life-like way to explore the Cardalonia Metaverse.” It also mentioned that Cardalonia has “hit a very important milestone as they have announced in their telegram group that they would be listing on a centralized crypto exchange, P2pb2b which will be followed presale of Cardalonia Lands — called Terrania — starting after the October 1st staking vault snapshot.”

The $LONIA token has a “total fixed supply of only 100 million of which 50% has been allocated to the public.” The Cardalonia Land presale is “exclusive to $LONIA token holders who have staked a minimum of 7000 $LONIA tokens and have an additional 200 ADA in the wallet as at the time of the October snapshot.”

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