5 Best Platforms for Staking in 2022


Probably everybody in the crypto-community has come across such mechanics as staking in one way or another. This financial phenomenon allows crypto-enthusiasts to earn a percentage of passive income from their own cryptocurrency (token, or NFT).

The essence of staking is that the user voluntarily blocks a part of his coins to maintain the security and activity of a particular blockchain. It is similar to a traditional bank deposit, where the owner holds his funds for a certain period, receiving interest on it.

That’s why, for many crypto-enthusiasts, staking is one of the best ways to earn money on cryptocurrency. After all, you do minimal actions, and at the same time, you receive a stable passive income. However, for users interested in using this financial instrument, it is necessary to be very careful and responsible when choosing a platform that provides solutions for the staking of crypto-assets.

We have prepared an overview of the best crypto platforms for staking so that you always have access to the necessary resources and know where to get the highest profit.

1. Binance

Today, Binance is a global ecosystem that is only not the world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume but also a solution for receiving passive income from staking. Binance currently supports 14 coins. You will among them find the most popular coins as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BNB, XRP, etc.

The percentage that Binance pays for staking varies and depends directly on the coin and its quantity. For example, the highest staking reward can be up to 8.7%. Another additional bonus for users will be yield farming and interest accounts supported. In addition, Binance offers flexible terms for withdrawals, although some coins can be withdrawn after the 180 days is over.

2. AlfaStaking

AlfaStaking is an ambitious project that offers favorable staking conditions for all users. The platform is engaged in staking MATIC – Polygon’s native cryptocurrency. In addition, the platform offers daily ROIs of 6 to 8%. AlfaStaking is also suitable for beginners as the platform offers a 10% bonus for the first deposit. Also, you will find a convenient referral program that will help increase your income. Another clear advantage of AlfaStaking is the ability to deposit fiat funds immediately without using third-party resources.

3. Kraken

Kraken is currently one of the most popular crypto platforms that offer quick payouts to users for staking. Payments are made twice a week, and the total number of coins is 15 digital assets.

The best APY offer will be between 18% and 20%. Besides, Kraken offers incredibly flexible withdrawal terms, unlike other popular platforms.

4. Coinbase

One of the most user-friendly staking platforms today is Coinbase. All because it is as convenient as possible for use by beginners in the crypto world. Although there are only 6 coins that can be staked on the platform, Coinbase is constantly developing and expanding its functionality. In addition, the platform offers a great APY of 5.75%. As for additional benefits, the platform offers DeFi yield rewards on Dai and Tether.

5. Crypto.com

Crypto.com is one of the leading crypto exchanges in the world, offering not only the lowest trading fees but also unique coin-staking solutions. The exchange allows you to open “interest accounts”, which work in the same way as staking. In this case, Crypto.com offers the best rewards for long-term deals. The highest APY is up to 14.5%. There are currently up to 250 coins available on Crypto.com. Additionally, users will be able to earn an additional reward by staking the CRO token, which is Crypto.com’s internal token.