Diamonds And NFTs: Tiffany And Co.All Set To Sell Cryptopunks NFT Inspired Pendants

  • Tiffany and Co is spearheading a venture dubbed NFTiffs, enabling Cryptopunk NFT holders to turn their NFTs into a custom pendant
  • The jewelry makers will issue 250 passes at 30 ETH,  enabling these holders to get their Cryptopunks NFTs customized into bejeweled pendants. 

NFTs have taken the world by storm and have become one of the most valuable digital assets of recent times. To join the growing NFT bandwagon, renowned luxury jewelry makers Tiffany and Co have announced their foray into the NFT world through NFTiff, enabling Cryptopunk holders to own a custom pendant inspired by their exclusively owned Cryptopunk NFT. 

Tiffany And Co To Design Custom Pendants For CryptoPunk NFT Holders. 

Luxury Jewellery makers Tiffany and Co. are all set to offer NFTs which provide Cryptopunk holders the right to transform their Cryptopunk NFTs into one-of-a-kind custom cryptopunk pendants embedded with precious jewels. 

The future is here and it’s called NFTiff.
8/5. 30 ETH. Discover more: #NFTiff #TiffanyAndCo

Dubbed NFTiffs, the venture allows Cryptopunk holders to purchase a pass priced at 30 ETH each, which will enable the crypto punk holders to get a custom pendant designed for their exclusively own Cryptopunk NFT. 

NFTiffs represent a collection of 250 digital passes, offered by Tiffany & Co. which may be minted when purchased and redeemed by CryptoPunks holders for the creation of a custom-designed pendant and an NFT digital artwork that resembles the final jewelry design.” The official blog post adds

In addition to this, the pendant will be designed exclusively by Tiffany and Co. artisans and will seek inspiration from the cryptopunk NFTs held by different users. According to the official blog post, only 250 passes will be made available to the masses, and each individual can purchase up to 3 passes. 

The statement further outlines minute details on how the pendant will be customized to retain the original character and finesse of cryptopunk NFTs. Tiffany and Co. will be converting 87 attributes, and 159 colors that are depicted in the original NFT version to the most “similar gemstone or enamel color.”

Depending on which CryptoPunk owners purchase pendants, each piece will use at least 30 gemstones and/or diamonds to create the custom designs with the highest fidelity to the original NFT art. Examples of gemstones include but are not limited to Sapphires, Amethyst, and Spinel.” The blog post reads

The luxury jewelry makers have further clarified that the clients will not be able to participate in the designing process, nor will they have the ability to provide feedback.

Each package shipped will include a custom pendant, certificate of authentication, and signature Tiffany and co. packaging that can be availed by Cryptopunk enthusiasts.

Furthermore, the NFTiffs venture seems to be inspired by the company’s vice president Alexandre Arnault, who himself owns a Cryptopunk #3167 and had recently turned his NFT into a custom bejeweled pendant. 

Tiffany & Co.’s VP Alexandre Arnault turns his CryptoPunk NFT into a pendant

To further strengthen his presence in the #NFT community, Alexandre unveiled the rose gold and enamel #CryptoPunk, designed and crafted by Tiffany & Co.

The NFT, titled Punk 3167, was sold for ETH 160

Image: Rachael/Unsplash

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