$ADA: Cardano Foundation CEO on ‘Very Productive Trip to London’ and Meetings With British MPs

Cardano Foundation CEO Frederik Gregaard recently traveled to London, where he engaged with influential policymakers and stakeholders invested in the UK’s blockchain future.

The Cardano Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the Cardano blockchain ecosystem. Its primary goals are to drive the adoption of the Cardano platform, shape legislation and commercial standards for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, foster partnerships with businesses and governments, and ensure the development and growth of the Cardano community.

Gregaard described the atmosphere surrounding the technology in the UK as “an exciting time for blockchain.”

During his visit, Gregaard spoke to two cross-party committees focusing on Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and Digital Identity. He found exchanging ideas on these important subjects rewarding, especially as the UK is actively exploring its potential as a cryptocurrency hub.

Gregaard met with several Members of Parliament, including Marcus Fysh MP, Dr. Lisa Cameron MP, Sir Stephen Timms, and Iain McNicol. They discussed the future of regulation and the potential of blockchain and crypto assets in the UK. All parties involved agreed on the technology’s potential to drive positive change and reduce inequalities.

According to Gregaard, the UK has an exceptional brand, home to common law and the City of London. However, to become a global blockchain hub, he believes British regulators and policymakers must be ambitious and focus on “future-proofing” features like interoperability.

Reflecting on his trip to London, Gregaard described it as highly productive, marked by engaging conversations and new connections. He noted that everyone he spoke to shared excitement about the UK’s blockchain future. Gregaard is eager to see how the Cardano Foundation can contribute to this growth and development.

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