Markets Begin The Week On A Sober Note; Await The Fed’s Decision

World markets remain subdued ahead of the FOMC’s policy setting meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday. After the ECB’s 50 basis-points rate hike, last week, it is now the Fed’s turn to raise the benchmark rates. Recession fears continue to linger amidst massive rate hikes by central banks worldwide. Meanwhile, data showed Germany’s Business Climate Indicator falling to a two-year low.

Concerns over the economic situation dragged down Asian stocks. The Wall Street Futures are trading in mildly positive territory. European stocks are trading close to the flatline.

The Dollar Index weakened despite expectations of a 75-basis points rate hike by the Fed. Bond yields hardened across regions and tenors. Crude Oil prices edged down amidst fears that the massive interest rate hikes could dampen fuel demand. Gold too edged down. Cryptocurrencies declined.

Here is a snapshot of the world markets at this hour across stocks, currencies, bonds, commodities and cryptocurrencies.

Stock Indexes:

DJIA (US30) at 31,997.20, up 0.31%
S&P 500 (US500) at 3,975.00, up 0.34%
Germany’s DAX at 13,241.69, down 0.09%
U.K.’s FTSE 100 at 7,277.50, up 0.02%
France’s CAC 40 at 6,217.21, up 0.01%
Euro Stoxx 50 at 3,597.55, up 0.03%
Japan’s Nikkei 225 at 27,699.25, down 0.77%
Australia’s S&P ASX 200 at 6,789.90, down 0.02%
China’s Shanghai Composite at 3,250.39, down 0.60%
Hong Kong’s Hang Seng at 20,562.94, down 0.22%


EURUSD at 1.0222, up 0.12%
GBPUSD at 1.2024, up 0.19%
USDJPY at 136.42, up 0.27%
AUDUSD at 0.6936, up 0.16%
USDCAD at 1.2896, down 0.14%
Dollar Index at 107.11, up 0.19%

Ten-Year Govt Bond Yields:

U.S. at 2.801%, up 0.73%
Germany at 1.0740%, up 5.29%
France at 1.663%, up 3.26%
U.K. at 1.9630%, up 1.13%
Japan at 0.198%, down 1.74%


Crude Oil WTI Futures (Sep) at $94.52, down 0.19%
Brent Oil Futures (Oct) at $98.17, down 0.21%
Gold Futures (Aug) at $1,725.60, down 0.10%


Bitcoin at $21,956.34, down 2.86%
Ethereum at $1,520.96, down 4.72%
BNB at $255.31, down 2.70%
XRP at $0.3458 down 4.35%
Cardano at $0.4941, down 3.97%

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