Galaxy Digital CEO Calls $BTC and $ETH ‘The Two Best-Performing Assets in the World Over the Last Three Years’

Galaxy Digital Holdings Inc. (OTCPK:BRPHF) CEO Mike Novogratz provided his thoughts on the current state of the cryptocurrency industry during his firm’s Q4 2022 earnings conference call on March 28, 2023.

In his remarks, Novogratz highlighted the positive aspects of the industry, including its resilience and potential for growth.

Novogratz framed his remarks around the themes of the good, the bad, and the ugly. On the positive side, he stressed the resilience of the crypto community and the strong price action for Bitcoin and Ethereum, which he claims have been the best risk-adjusted investments over the past few years.

Novogratz said,

I look right now and say, what’s the good? Bitcoin’s trading over 27,000, Ethereum over 1,700 on a risk-adjusted basis – that’s volatility-adjusted, Sharpe ratio adjusted. Bitcoin and Ethereum have been the two best-performing assets in the world this year. They’ve been the two best-performing assets in the world over the last two years. They’ve been the two best-performing assets in the world over the last three years, so whatever Jamie Dimon wants to say, whatever the Biden administration wants to say, they’re just wrong, and the world knows that, right?

He also pointed to the significant adoption of cryptocurrencies overseas, particularly in the Middle East, Hong Kong, and Europe:

On the negative side, Novogratz criticized the US regulatory environment, which he believes stifles innovation and pushes people offshore. He cited the Biden administration’s approach to crypto as short-sighted and argued that the current regulatory uncertainty around cryptocurrencies hinders industry growth.

Despite these challenges, Novogratz remains optimistic about the future of the crypto market. He sees the demand for cryptocurrencies growing, particularly from retail investors, and believes that prices could be significantly higher in the coming months.

Addressing the debate around the classification of cryptocurrencies as securities, Novogratz called for regulatory clarity and a framework that allows legitimate players to operate in the US. He expressed frustration with the lack of clear guidance from the SEC and the politicization of the industry, calling for intelligent, nuanced solutions to foster growth.

He mentioned that almost every macro hedge fund he knows likes gold and Bitcoin, making a connection between the geopolitical tensions and the digital version of gold, which is Bitcoin. This perspective has been gaining traction among macro investors.

Novogratz also commented on the standoff between the SEC and companies like Coinbase, asking for a clear set of rules and guidelines for the industry. The lack of clarity from the SEC has been a long-standing issue, and Novogratz believes that it is disingenuous when the SEC suggests that registering online is a simple solution.

Discussing the challenges regulators face, Novogratz argued that politics often struggles with nuanced issues, leading to politicizing the crypto industry. He emphasized the need for collaboration between regulators and the crypto community, urging smart people to come together and create rules that foster growth in the US.

In addition to these points, Novogratz outlined Galaxy Digital Holdings’ three main focuses for the year, which include the markets business, the asset management business, and the infrastructure business. The company plans to re-segment its earnings by the next reporting cycle to provide more precise insights into these businesses.

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