Billionaire Tim Draper Still Holds 29,600 Silk Road Bitcoins, Keeps Adding to His Portfolio

Tim Draper, a prominent tech venture capitalist known for his early backing of groundbreaking technologies, has shared insights on his investment in Bitcoin and the transformative potential of this digital currency.

In an interview with Kitco News Sunday, Draper spoke about his Bitcoin investments, the future of finance, and the decentralization of governance.

Notably, in 2014, Draper made headlines when he purchased approximately 29,600 Bitcoins that the US Marshals confiscated from the Silk Road, an online marketplace known for illegal activities. At the time, this investment was valued at around $18.7 million, or $630 per coin. 

When asked whether he still holds the majority of these Bitcoins, Draper responded, “I haven’t done anything with those, um, I bought more,” without disclosing the specific amount of additional Bitcoin he had later acquired.

The billionaire further recounted how, after the infamous Mt. Gox scandal, where a significant number of Bitcoins were lost, he realized the value of Bitcoin extended beyond speculation. Draper discovered that Bitcoin was being used for various purposes, from remittances to corporate payments and providing financial access to the unbanked.

Draper doesn’t view Bitcoin merely as a technology or a commodity with speculative potential. Instead, he revealed that he sees it as a revolutionary force. He believes that Satoshi Nakamoto’s creation of a decentralized and secure trusted third party surpasses the capabilities of banks and governments working in tandem.

He highlighted how Bitcoin’s fixed supply of 21 million coins prevents inflation, and its blockchain has never been hacked. Draper contrasted this with traditional banking institutions and governments, which are frequently vulnerable to cyberattacks and devaluation of their currencies due to excessive money printing.

Draper further envisioned a future where governments actively embrace Bitcoin to streamline tax collection, reduce bureaucracy, and increase efficiency through blockchain technology. 

“I think governments should recognize this very actively because you can get your Bitcoin paid automatically [and] your taxes paid automatically in Bitcoin…government should be embracing Bitcoin in a huge way,” said Draper.

He also disclosed that he sees Bitcoin as a disruptive force that can positively impact society by reducing friction in the global economy, empowering individuals, and creating a more transparent, efficient, and decentralized form of governance.

In Draper’s view, Bitcoin represented a seismic shift in how we bank, conduct commerce, and manage finances. He thus stated he expects that Bitcoin will eventually be adopted on a broader scale, leading to the demise of fiat currencies. He also predicted that individuals would be able to buy goods, pay taxes, and conduct financial transactions in Bitcoin, obviating the need for traditional currencies.

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