OpenSea’s Seaport Adds Support For Layer 2 Scaling Solution Polygon

  • OpenSea’s Seaport will now support Polygon 
  • Users will be able to transact and trade NFTs by using MATIC, Polygon’s native token

OpenSea, one of the leading NFT marketplaces, took to Twitter to announce the integration of layer 2 scaling solution Polygon on Seaport. 

Seaport Adds Support For Polygon 

OpenSea tweeted that the marketplace is ready to support Polygon via Seaport to “improve the experience for everyone on OpenSea.” 

Starting today, we will begin using Seaport for all new listings and offers on Polygon! We’re excited to start using Seaport across multiple blockchains to improve the experience for everyone on OpenSea.

Here’s what you can expect with this move to Seaport ↯

With this new integration, OpenSea will be introducing a variety of new features on Polygon via Seaport which includes functionalities such as Collection and Attributes offers, no listings threshold, multiple creator payout, and bulk transfers.

Using Seaport on Polygon enables launching several new features on Polygon, including:
✅Collection and attribute offers
✅No listing thresholds
✅Multiple creator payouts
✅Bulk transfers

The announcement further added that Seaport will also be adding support for Klatyn and other EVM compatible chains as well after adding Polygon to its existing portfolio of supported blockchains. 

“With Polygon now supported on Seaport, we’re excited to launch several new features that will make the buying and selling experience with Polygon even better.” the announcement reads

With this new integration, Seaport users will now be able to buy, sell and trade NFTs in Polygon’s native token MATIC alongside introducing a feature dubbed multiple creator fees. The feature will permit creators to specify up to 4 payout addresses to be paid in real-time. 

While describing the other features in detail the announcement included that users will now be able to sell bundled Polygon NFTs by listing them and categorizing them as bundles. Furthermore, the collection and attribute feature will refer to the vast majority of Polygon NFT collections that will possess their own collection offers on each item included in the collection. 

“The vast majority of Polygon NFT collections will have collection offers (offers on every item in the collection) available. Creators can also enable attribute offers (offers for all items in a collection that match the requested attribute).” the blog reads

In June 2022, OpenSea launched Seaport, an independent open-source platform to enable the purchase and sale of NFTs. One of the core intentions behind launching Seaport was to promote the organized sale of NFTs to users alongside offering NFTs at cost-effective gas prices. 

OpenSea further announced that it will start supporting Polygon as part of its new shift and will allow users to transact in MATIC. 

“As part of the shift to Seaport, OpenSea now supports using MATIC, Polygon’s native token, as a payment option. Anyone transacting on Polygon using OpenSea will now be required to pay for their own gas fees for transacting using MATIC.”

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