200% bonus for staying at home: how LH-Crypto fights coronavirus

Great chance to trade crypto

Have you ever thought how much you can make by buying Bitcoin cheap and selling it high? Then this bonus is for you. Now is the perfect time to trade cryptocurrencies, and LH-Crypto can help you start. With the new bonus from LH-Crypto, you can get 200% of your deposit as a bonus that will boost your start and help you take more chances with fewer risks.

How do you get the bonus? It’s easy. The 200% bonus works for all the deposits to LH-Crypto accounts. The minimum amount is 250$. All one needs to do is to send a request to take part in the bonus and upload their selfie at home. LH-Crypto wants to encourage people stay at home and find new ways to make money.

How does it work? Imagine you deposit 250$, upload your home selfie, send a request. Then you receive 500$ more to your deposit as a bonus. With the total of 750$ you can start margin trading and make contracts for thousands of dollars that can bring hundreds of dollars’ profits in just several days or weeks!

In LH-Crypto, you can trade the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and many others, as well as more traditional trading instruments like EUR, USD, Oil, Gold, stocks of the world’s biggest companies and indices. With margin trading system you can short and make money even when the prices are going down!

LH-Crypto started in 2017 as a crypto division of a Forex broker Larson&Holz (in the market since 2004) that has later grown into an independent company.