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In a bid to leverage the benefits of blockchain technology for voting purposes, Japanese political party SANSEITO has implemented GUILD VOTING, a digital voting application that utilizes IOST’s smart contracts to bring reliability, and transparency to the voting process.

IOST Bringing Voting to Blockchain

The use of distributed ledger technology (DLT) in the voting space is not a particularly new phenomenon. To date, numerous political parties have had a go at digitizing voting, with Japan’s SANSEITO being the latest to join the fray.

Enterprise-geared high-throughput blockchain, IOST today announced that the Japanese community-centric political party, SANSEITO, has embraced digital voting application dubbed GUILD VOTING developed and provided by PHI-IOST core community leaders and developers in Japan.

For the uninitiated, SANSEITO’s public policy largely revolves around community engagement. SANSEITO values all its members’ voices and ideas and has witnessed rapid growth in party membership and supporters across Japan.

The exponential growth in party membership necessitated the need for a practical solution that digitizes the organizational decision-making process. This is where IOST-powered GUILD VOTING comes into the picture.

The announcement reads in part:

For a collective and informed decision-making process, the voting framework must be mutually agreed upon by both the main organizations and their participants. This design of the voting system needs to ensure that the vote outcome should not act as a final consensus but rather, as one of the key reference data or factors for the consensus process.

IOST’s Blockchain to Ensure Data Confidentiality and Security

For the aforementioned voting mechanism, blockchain technology seems like a perfect fit that can be implemented to guarantee data transparency and immutability. In that regard, SANSEITO has exhibited trust in GUILD VOTING that runs on IOST blockchain technology and supports more than 5,000 members who make policy proposals with the organization.

GUILD VOTING has a simple and intuitive user-friendly interface that allows users to perform a range of tasks, including creating/suggesting an agenda, designing a voting format, and setting a participation rate and voting rate that would be mandatory for approval. You can learn more about the app here.

Developed by IOST and PHI Inc., GUILD VOTING also offers an exhaustive framework to operate an anonymous decentralized organization and propose a new way of project-based organization.

In the same vein, earlier this month, BTCManager reported that IOST had allied with Japanese medical health tech venture dubbed Pracs to develop a blockchain-enabled secure, transparent, and immutable proof-on-chain medical record platform.

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