Binance Is Back To News With Recent Announcement

CZ Announces Binance DEX To Support Hardware Wallets

Binance was entirely appearing in news as quite a time now. This crypto platform is forth as compared to the rest of competing companies. Recently, Justin Sun, the CEO of Tron. Cheers Binance by saying, that he is willing to explore the possibility with this platform “Binance” to giveaway free BTT. Moreover, the tweet reads:

Not only this, Binance plans to connect their hotly anticipated DEX aka Decentralized Exchange together with hardware wallets after the former is established. The CEO at Binance, well known as Changpeng Zhao aka CZ, confirms via a tweet about the DEX supporting hardware wallets and soon it is launched.

However, CZ hasn’t mentioned which hardware wallets are to be planned for integration. The top hardware wallets including Trezor, Ledger, KeepKey, etc. highly have a chance to enter this circle, as per the speculation from crypto enthusiasts.

The enthusiasts regarding Binance are abuzz talking about their latest development, where a Twitter user replies to CZ’s announcement stating:

Everyone seems excited about this news, where another fan following responds saying “Binance will be the most secure crypto trading DEX”. However, many of them are still not sure about the role the exchange’s Binance Coin [BNB] token, will have in the DEX exchange.

BitTorrent Token Sale Successfully Completes On Binance Launchpad

After such a long time, the Tron (TRX) supportive token sale of BitTorrent successfully completes on Binance Launchpad, which is an in-house ICO platform. BitTorrent is  popular P2P file sharing service which is managed and owned by Justin Sun along with his crew

Recently, BitTorrent revealed about its token to be semi-tokenizing for its platform partnering with Tron. BTT token denotes within the crypto industry to attain mass adoption of a truly decentralizing internet. According to the whitepaper, BTT utility can be a way to create a token operating economy across bandwidth, network, and computational storage worth millions.

The recent surprise venture  anticipated that Tron TRX began to run on the news. Moreover, the asset published a 13% gain a few days ago, following dozens of percentage points in previous weeks.

Meanwhile, looking at the decline of this crypto market, BitTorrent accomplishes its sale, which was a successful one. The recent report revealed a few hours ago by Binance saying about this auspicious event specifically for Tron along with its network of DApps, the crypto upstart divulged pertinent tidbits of information about the sale.

It was clear about the two simultaneous sale sessions that they were completely sold out. The Binance Coin session sold around 23.76 billion worth BTT within 13 minutes & 25 seconds. Whereas, the TRX session experienced around 35.64 billion worth BTT within 14 minutes & 41 seconds.

We’re delighted by the overwhelming response from the community on our first Launchpad project of the year… We are more excited than ever to continue supporting projects on Launchpad and will be announcing upcoming token launches soon.

Trust Wallet Of Binance Now Adds Support for Dash

Trust Wallet now owned by Binance reveals to add support for Dash cryptocurrency. The user can now add this specific coin to their list of coins just by clicking ‘+’ symbol, then choosing particular crypto. This announcement was written on Trust Wallet blog:

We are happy to announce that Trust Wallet app can now be used as a Dash wallet to store your Dash (DASH) tokens. Starting today, you can easily and securely receive and send your Dash crypto assets from the convenience of your Trust mobile wallet.

Dash is an open-source, P2P cryptocurrency focusing to offer solutions specifically for the payments industry. Moreover, it depends on Bitcoin, providing a cost-effective, portable and quick form of money which is secure to use.

A few months ago, Binance acquired Trust Wallet and recently unveils three coins supporting within its wallet. They are namely Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. Also, the team is focusing on some improvements regarding its UI and UX as a whole. Recently, some bugs handled on the wallet’s Android release.

The team is closely watching and monitoring the stability along with performance relating Dash’s release. If the things go well, the team is planning to add more coins in its upcoming weeks. Moreover, Dash is the 15th leading cryptocurrency trading over $634 in market cap.


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