Societe Generale Launches Integrated Front-to-Back Solution

Societe Generale Securities Services (SGSS) has launched an integrated front-to-back solution, ‎dubbed “CrossWise,” to support its treasury and asset management business.‎

By implementing CrossWise, SGSS’s clients will be able to outsource many services‎ which help them focus on their core business. CrossWise replaces the existing ‎investment and legacy back-office solutions, as well as several other in-house developed ‎applications. ‎

The end-to-end solution also streamlines investment process, allows clients to focus on ‎‎their main activities and benefit from a functional coverage to facilitate asset selection, ‎performances, and distribution to their subscribers. ‎

Asset managers can also leverage CrossWise for more functionality in the future as the ‎solution integrates front, dealing, ‎middle and back office services into one plug-and-play ‎product. This enables clients to bundle various capacities across trading and securities services, as ‎well as optimize their ‎operating model and meet all regulatory constraints, such as audit ‎trails or best execution. ‎

Commenting on this, Mathieu Maurier, Head of Sales and Relationship ‎Management at ‎SGSS, said: ‎“In combining the full operational value chain from Front and Execution to Middle and Back ‎‎Office, SGSS is deploying, via CrossWise, a unique solution dedicated to Investment ‎Managers. It ‎aims to optimize complex and sub-optimal operational infrastructures and thus ‎meet the needs ‎of Investment Managers looking for an operational excellence partner in an ‎ever-challenging ‎environment.”

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