Itiviti Creates New Executive Management Team

Itiviti, a trading solutions provider, announced today that it has formed a new executive management team. The announcement comes after the firm confirmed in March that it would be merging with ULLINK, a trading technology company.

The merger will see the two, previously separate, companies trading under Itiviti’s name. The same month that the merger was made, the firm announced that Tobern Munch would be appointed CEO of the new firm. Munch has been CEO Itiviti since its founding. The firm was itself created by the merging of two companies, Orc Group and CameronTec, in 2016.

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Today’s announcement will see a new executive team being formed with key figures from both ULLINK and Itiviti represented. Appointments include Troels Philip Jensen as Chief Operating Officer and Edouard Ryst as Chief Information Officer. Jensen has been with Itiviti since 2013 and Ryst has been at ULLINK since 2004.

The new management team will have a lot on their hands. As a result of the merger, Itiviti now has to manage over 1000 employees spread across the globe.

Commenting on the creation of the new executive team, Munch said: “With the new Itiviti executive management team in place, we have reached a significant milestone in the integration of our organization, which is progressing rapidly. Itiviti’s business focus will be on growth and expansion, guided by clients’ demands for a technology partner to support their current and future needs. We enable our clients to seize opportunities in capital markets as and when they occur.”

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