FlexTrade Unveils MiFID II-Compliant EMS FlexNOW

FlexTrade Systems, a specialist in multi-asset execution and order ‎management systems, today upgraded its EMS offering with a new product, ‎known as FlexNOW. The broker neutral trading platform provides a wide range of order ‎characteristics through a data-driven interface that to address the needs of ‎hedge funds and mini-primes.‎

‎FlexNOW also encompasses its own built-in Transaction Cost Analysis ‎‎(TCA) tool in a bid to optimize the ability to customize workspaces and order tickets. ‎Furthermore, it enables full transparency and consistency in the best ‎execution process which has become a requirement under the Markets in ‎Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II), the technology provider said. ‎

Additionally, FlexNOW offers access to leading market data providers whilst ‎‎easily integrates with any order management system (OMS) via FIX and ‎‎API. With the new solution rollout, buy-side firms will benefit from one-click ‎installation process and secure, over the internet connectivity that provides ‎easy access to brokers and liquidity.‎

FlexNOW is currently available through the FlexTRADER product suite and ‎is already implemented by 200 live users. FlexTRADER is a customizable ‎execution management system (EMS) with pre-defined trading strategies ‎and tactics for portfolio and single stock trading across all asset classes.‎

The multi-asset execution management system can also be tailored for ‎global access to equities, futures and options, as well as the ability to build ‎proprietary algorithms.‎

Commenting on the new product, Rhyd Lewis, FlexNOW Product Manager ‎at FlexTrade UK, said: “By combining the one-click installation process with secure, ‎online connectivity, we have greatly reduced the on-boarding lead time for customers. We ‎developed FlexNOW based on FlexTrade’s industry experience and the feedback of our ‎clients and prospects. It’s this user research that helps us provide fresh ‎updates to the platform to keep the trading workflows as effective as possible.”‎

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