CLS Invests $5 million in Blockchain Start-Up

CLS, a settlement services provider, announced today that it is investing $5 million in a blockchain start-up. R3, which is based in New York, aims to provide blockchain solutions to the financial services industry.

Founded in 2015, the company leads a consortium of financial institutions doing research into blockchain technology. As a result of these efforts the firm has developed its own blockchain platform called Corda.

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This trading platform was designed specifically for the financial services industry. Its main selling point is that it enables institutions to trade between one another directly as opposed to going through a host of other organisations that have traditionally processed transactions.

The firm notes that, though it designed Corda for the financial services industry, it can be used in any area of commerce. For instance, a supply chain vendor could receive payment from his clients via Corda.

Today’s announcement comes approximately a year after R3 confirmed it had finished its first two rounds of fundraising. The company was able to raise $107 million in investment from a number of companies, including firms such as HSBC, Intel and Temasek Holdings.

CLS’ $5 million investment will see the firm sitting on R3’s board of directors. The settlement services provider may have joined two other firms in putting money towards R3’s third round of fundraising. Singapore real estate firm OUE and Japanese IT services provider TIS are thought to have each invested $5 million in R3.

Commenting on the decision to invest in the blockchain firm, Alan Marquard, chief strategy and development officer at CLS, stated: “We look forward to working in collaboration with other members to explore how CLS can provide transformative blockchain-based solutions,” in an emailed statement.”

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