ZClassic (ZCL) Keeps Pumping as Fork Speculations Thicken

It may all be rumors, but ZCL is an asset showing how irrational the crypto market can be, and how an asset can suddenly come in demand out of nowhere.

ZClassic (ZCL) is turning into a curious phenomenon in the world of crypto coins, showing that once an asset is launched, it is extremely hard to eradicate. With no developer team and a hobbled network with nodes shut down, ZClassic is still in-demand, simply on the back of rumors that forked coins would be awarded to ZCL holders.

In the past day, ZCL never paused for a breather, growing by another 34% to $27.72. But this price is expected to grow 10-fold in the short term, at least according to speculators.

I have an insider news that #eth will fork with #zcl. New coin will have privacy + smart contracts. I think the announcement will be made this Saturday. Buy #zcl now AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. It will hit $300 this time.

— Zeeshan Najeeb (@ZeeshanNajeeb) April 26, 2018

What is interesting about ZCL is that it can lead to any fork – the technology would be irrelevant. However, for an unknown reason, the fork would award coins to the holders of ZCL, hence the interest.

It is unknown if exchanges would assist this time. The last time ZCL announced a fork, the exchanges were pushed to assist and assign balances to ZCL holders. The advice to keep coins in a wallet with a private key was not applicable to ZCL holders. Some of the exchanges where ZCL coins resided turned out to be unable to secure the withdrawals, due to troubles with their wallet. Hence, ZCL became yet another project to rely on exchanges to complete its technological goals.

On Saturday night we will break news of a major fork on a special edition of Cryptotrader. Will post details. pic.twitter.com/v4EHeh4zDQ

— Ran NeuNer (@cryptomanran) April 25, 2018

There are expectations the fork would be announced this weekend, and some believe the price may repeat the pattern from a few months back, appreciating above $100. However, it is unknown how far the asset would go, before it also repeats the sudden drop to a fraction of the price.

ZClassic Gets New Team?

The ZCL digital asset has been left without developers, who moved to the Bitcoin Private (BTCP) project. However, some of the speculations concern not a fork, but instead renewed development of ZCL.

If this is the case, ZCL may become one of the privacy coins fighting for attention. ZCL is unique for its low supply, leading to expectations that scarcity may lead to a significant price growth.

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