YouTube OG Philip DeFranco Nails Brave Sponsorship Amid YouTube Woes

What’s up you beautiful bastards? So goes the famous intro of YouTube’s long-time resident explainer Philip DeFranco. And what’s up with him lately is equal parts crisis and opportunity: amid ongoing struggles with demonetization on YouTube, DeFranco’s just landed a sponsorship with Brave of Basic Attention Token (BAT) fame, the Ethereum-based digital advertising play. Notably, DeFranco will also serve as an adviser to Brave going forward. 

Contending with Demonetization on YouTube

On April 16th, DeFranco posted a video to YouTube entitled “Tired, Frustrated, But Also Excited.”

In the video, he decried the ongoing demonetization and algorithm issues on YouTube, suggesting a critical mass had been reached:

“As of right now, with the current state of YouTube, the Philip DeFranco Show cannot thrive. In fact, I think very, very soon, the Philip DeFranco show may not be able to survive. It all really boils down to the increased crackdown from YouTube against this channel.”

Brave Reaches Out

Now, one week later things are starting to look up, as DeFranco’s declared in his latest video that he’s entered into a sponsorship with Brave, the developers of the Brave browser and Basic Attention Token (BAT).

Accordingly, he remarked:

“There is a potential huge opportunity for both creators and supporters alike. And that is the opportunity and solution of Brave and BAT. And I’m so excited by this because we often see in times of massive change, struggle, issues, that’s when we get these fantastic opportunities and solutions.”

DeFranco then qualified that Brave reached out to him after seeing his April 16th video, offering both a sponsorship and for him to serve as an adviser to the team:

“Now before going any further, I want to be incredibly transparent. By talking about Brave and BAT, I can 100 percent benefit. Also, in addition to that, Brave, after seeing last Monday’s video, they reached out, and we reached a sponsorship/advising agreement. They are sponsoring today’s show to build support and insulate us from what we’ve been having to deal with, and I will also be advising from a standpoint from what is best for creators, and what is best for their communities.”

To that end, the relationship between Brave and DeFranco seems like a fruitful and mutualistic meeting of the minds. It could also be the first shot across the bow of Brave bringing mainstream social media stars into its ever-growing fold.

Brave Coming Off Heels of Big Deal

Brave’s certainly trying to make power plays as of late.

Before joining forces with DeFranco, Brave just announced a partnership with the Dow Jones Media Group — a subsidiary of Dow Jones — in a deal that will give Brave browser users access to premium Dow Jones Media Group content, like the MarketWatch newsletter and

If these moves are any indication, Brave’s only just getting started.

What’s your take? Do you think Brave should continue opening dialogues with disgruntled YouTubers? Sound off in the comments below. 

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