XRP Price Heads Strongly to Reclaim Position Above $0.34, Will It Hit $1?

SEC will be the Last Hurdle!

The XRP price surged remarkably in the past couple of hours gaining nearly 50% of a price jump. The price got a boost from the $0.24 levels and the price rallied hard to attain the current levels above $0.34. 

Miners Garden
Miners Garden

The SEC lawsuit due to which the XRP price had plunge mercilessly below $0.2 is said to be the last barrier in the XRP bull run. As per an analysts Anders L, the SEC hurdle will pass away and later nothing can stop XRP price to go to the moon. 

However, some also believe that the current SEC lawsuit might be a blessing in disguise for the XRP community. As once the Ripple foundation will receive the most awaited green signal from the SEC, the flood gates will be open and the XRP price may hit unimaginable highs.

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Will XRP Hit $1 Now?

XRP price rally

The XRP price at the time of writing is $0.3470 with a jump of 50.25 percent in the last 24 hours. However, the price is expected to surge further to touch the yearly highs of 2020 above $0.7 very soon. 

The RSI indicators are pretty high and are very close to 90 points. However, the market sentiments are very bullish and therefore further surge is possible which may carry the price too high as $1 as predicted by an analyst Crypto Bull.

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