Webercoin is the Dedicated Platform for Business Advertisement

Advertising is not a form of art; rather it is the medium for information which contains a message with a sole purpose of selling a product. Many business owners and advertisers are therefore turning the social media platform as a forum for marketing their services, products, and goods.

This is done in order to track down the desired audience who are willing for a similar product or service. Thus, with a vision to metamorphically change the paradigm of business advertisement, WebAd barges in with its robust platform that is dedicated towards the marketers, business owners, and advertisers.

The platform uses the blockchain technology to reach out to its target audience.  It uses the location for targeting the customers and business owners who are located near them so that the ad reaches them first along with sponsored advertisement which can reach to a wider section of the society. WebAd strives to make social media platform less cumbersome and provide business owners with an option to escalate their business.

Thus, it is needless to say that business advertising forms an integral part of the WebAd platform and Webercoin (WBC) tokens are the fuel which boosts this platform. By using the digital currency Ethereum along with the blockchain technology, WebAd offers WBC tokens to the business owners so as to purchase advertising place on the platform. The platform follows a similar pattern as that of Instagram or Facebook but uses cryptographic tokens as a mode of payment for the advertising platform.

The core feature of the WebAd platform is implemented by using a series of mobile and web applications. This business advertising platform envisions catering to both the personal and business needs of the users.

The WebAd platform on the basis of ERC20 interface uses the tradable WBC tokens as the only means of payment for booking advertising space. Thus, with this Webercoin Tokens, users who have vested interest in the advertisement are rewarded, and there is an equal distribution of ownership.

At the time of Token sale, the Webercoin WBC tokens are issued to the token holders who have an ardent desire in contributing to the WebAd platform and expanding their business. Advertisers, before purchasing the advertising space are required to buy WBC tokens via exchange so as to avail the advertising slots on the WebAd platform.

Webercoin tokens are the initial source of revenue for business advertisement on the WebAd platform. The administrators of the platform will accept uninterrupted selling of WBC tokens for the Ether (ETH) at a comparable rate as that of the prevailing Webercoin token holders.

The advertising revenue which comes, are divided equally, and one half goes to the WBC poll, while the other half is used for the marketing of the platform and fund development.

The WebAd platform further indulges in digital marketing and media services to benefit the business organizations who like to take advantage of digital media to reach out to its target audience.

Here even, just like the advertising revenue, users need to pay via WBC tokens for booking such media services on the WebAd platform. The revenue which is earned from the media services goes in the WBC pool.

Half of the revenue goes to the administrator fund which looks after the smooth functioning of the platform operations and the rest 50% are used as rewards for the members.

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