Verge (XVG) Continues Climb on Bitfinex Listing, Abra Adds Investment Option

XVG continues its appreciation, growing by another 20% overnight as Asian trading remains the biggest booster.

Verge (XVG) survived the last shakedown, and went on another leg up to $0.08, as the news of a Bitfinex listing were followed by an addition to the Abra app. XVG grew by nearly 22% in the past 24 hours, reaching $0.082. The XVG digital asset is becoming more prominent and the team does not spare publicity efforts, with a live meeting coming in Amsterdam.


At the same time, XVG tries to position itself as an asset for everyday payments. With a relatively low market price, the coin may be a suitable choice. The latest addition as a means of payment comes from CoinPayments:

The prominence of Verge, however, may benefit even more from the addition to the Abra app. The app, which hosts more than 20 crypto coins, does not actually connect to their blockchains. Instead, it only parks the coins in a smart contract, and allows for off-chain exchanges.

But the wide user base of Abra, and the possibility that all in-app purchases actually require a reserve of coins, means increased demand for XVG, among other digital assets.

In the case of XVG, prices have managed to recover and stabilize into a new price range. The outlandish claims that XVG could reach $15 turned out to be a faked statement, which only took the asset to around $0.26. But this time, investors are more skeptical and the price has stabilized between buying and selling.

Still, with the possibility of 20% spikes overnight, XVG remains attractive for speculative trading, while always relying on a boost from the Asian markets. In the meantime, the Verge community is fighting for acceptance and slowly shaking off the bad publicity and the dislikes of the Mindgeek partnership for paying on adult sites.

XVG is also seeing rumors of being added to Coinbase. But those rumors have been circulated for many coins, creating disproportionate hype, or sometimes having no effect. Addition to Coinbase is considered a great boost to the price, which helped send Litecoin (LTC) from $4 to triple-digit prices by tapping into direct investments from US-based buyers.

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