Travel Agency CheapAir Moves to Another Bitcoin Payment Processors

The world’s first travel-based company to accept Bitcoin in 2013 announced on Friday, 20th April 2018, about the platform’s update. is the first company that operates in the travel industry to support Bitcoin. The online travel agency announced on its website about the company’s move to Bitpay. Currently, CheapAir is collaborating with Coinbase.

We were recently informed by our processing partner, Coinbase, that they will no longer support ‘custodial’ solutions for merchants, and are removing a number of the tools and features that we rely on to accept bitcoin from shoppers. These changes are scheduled to occur in a matter of weeks,” wrote.

According to, the payment system that accepts cryptocurrency from customers and further converts them into fiat currency is practically the most important element of organizational technological management.

Beside Bitcoin, the company revealed its support plan for Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Dash. Even if CheapAir announced about accepting Litecoin and Dogecoin using a payment processor from GoCoin in 2014, it seems that the system was not exactly the right one.

The Bitpay processor installation process has been successfully completed.

Our one giant concern is that Bitpay does not support ‘non-payment protocol wallets’ (wallets that aren’t BIP-70 compliant). So if you do not have a compatible wallet, you would have to get one and use it as an intermediate stage for your Bitcoin payment,” wrote in a blog post.

We hope the new system will be in line with company requirements and user preferences. The update seems to be necessary.

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